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it's better than nothing, I guess. it's also welcoming new members to the fandom.


I'm so excited for MCRX I'm so happy. I'm glad that I remained an emo kid and I always knew they would reunite. MCRX for life!! ❤

The Five of Us Are Dying

Okay so I've listened to the song several times already and have written down the lyrics. Keep in mind I interpreted them by ear from listening to the song and since it's so rough I can't quite tell what Gerard is saying most of the time, but here they are :)

After all we've done
To our fists and our fingers
You can run but you can't hide
From this

Someone gasp someone cry
As they weld us in back yearning
And we'll laugh about the time
We fell

Sometimes I get the feeling
She's watching over me
And other times
I'm feeling so alone

Let's ride in on this feeling
That only I can see
And other

Hype is real

OH MY GOD I'm so hype for MCRX!! I feel like a kid again lol! Seriously tho this is so crazy. I know it's just a rerelease but I'm so happy, like beyond thrilled. 10 years since Black Parade and about 10 years since I became a fan so yay! Haha


The soooong :3

Isn't it funny how you get it in pre-order but is also in Spotify?
Thanks to whoever that decided that.
I like it a lot.
And we're getting all this new(old) stuff and it gives me that weird feeling of cool, but with some kind of nostalgy.

Yep, I wanted them to come back and I built my hopes up a little until I saw the cross in the Black Parade art and was like, "oh, well". Still believed, then the news.
It would have been pretty weird tho, like, they're all up to something.
But I miss Ray, I have not known much about him lately.

It's almost 3 am, gotta sleep, tomorrow try to find a work so I