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March 22nd

I can literally hear all the killjoys screaming as March 22nd gets closer. Also I am planning on having an MCR party on that day. Any suggestions on what to do?

Marina Abramovic

Hi :)

The weather is being a bit crazy here. Yesterday it was all sunny and hot, but today it's really cold and rainning... Some of the rain got into my coffe but I'll drink it anyway :D

Today in my art class, the teacher showed us a video from an artist named Marina Abramovic. She makes performances. The video is a TED talk where she recalls the ones that have been the most important to her. I had to hold back my tears, seriously. It is a bit overwhelming, but I think it's great. So I wanted to share it with you guys. The link will be in the comments.
It involves some themes that may be

It's my birthday and other things

I'm turning sixteen! (I can drive and stuff now omg)
In other news it's been over a month since I last made a blog or even responded to someone else's, I feel kinda bad... BUT I've finished a MCR-inspired art thing I was doing, and I'm almost done with "Not The Life It Seems", so I'll be more active soon.
Hope everyone is doing okay,
Flight x

Gerard Way Pop Funko Dolls!

I ordered 3 Gerard Way Pop Funko Dolls some days ago! The Black Parade Era one, the Revenge Era one and the Skeleton Gerard Way one! Can't wait for them to arrive!
It's a happier way to celebrate March 22 instead of moping about their separation... Long live My Chemical Romance!

Weekly Update! - Day 7

Nothing much happened yesterday.