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My new ideas

A teenage rite of passing to invent new worlds of the thoughts, clubs and worlds from adults apart. And came the internet, where anyone can be anything, a meta-persona of your choosing. You can find vast sums of weblogs a fresh one is established each second chance many by teens.

this rocksoundMCR thing was scaring me

rocksoundMCR was literally like an explosion at first but then they started posting about all these bands performing MCR songs and i was scared about it. was anyone else scared about it or is it just me?

First day of school

First day of senior year.. yay. Hopefully Ill have a great year but I guess I just had a bad day today.

First period - Yearbook. Nothing much happened. I have a friend there, he's cool.
Second period - Dance. One of my best friends is in there. I hope she's not switched out.
Third period - English. We did work and had homework... gross.
Fourth period - History.


Okay so I'm in that middle state of 'don't get your hopes up' and 'push what you want into the universe'. No matter how much you tweet that the rest of the fandom is being stupid,we all know you're hoping for the same thing. I really hopI'll get to see my favorite band live. I was pretty much born in the revenge era. *cries* I wrote a whole 5 paragraph essay to my friend about MCR just after I saw RockSound's tweets...
I feel like there could be a tour like Frankie was in LA around the time of MCRX right?
But they do all seem to be doing their own thing.


There is a lot of evidence hinting that My Chemical Romance (A.k.A. Best band ever) COULD be getting back together... For instance; MCR is denying that they will get back together. Who else do we know of that said the same d*mn thing??? Fall Out Boy. Why update their logo if they aren't getting back together? (Off topic, but it's been a burning question.) WHY WAS MIKEY AT THE APMA'S WITH ANDY BIERSACK? IS HE PREPPING HIMSELF FOR A TOUR??????????? (Back on topic now.) Why does the site still have a TOUR tab, and why does said tab say, "CHECK BACK SOON FOR UPCOMING EVENTS"? WHAT IS THIS, MCR?