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I'm looking for band recommendations. What do you guys listen to?


Living on the inside:

My name is Megan North. I am a citizen of Battery City. Everything here is... Boring. I hear about the rebels on the outside. I wish I could be outside.. but I can't even leave my house. During the high times of the sun I am not even allowed outside of my room because of the radiation. My windowless room...

But I have X-10 to make me feel better. No, I know what you're thinking, X-10 isn't a drug, it's my cat. Yes, the last living cat in all of the Wasteland. Or at least that's what my mom tells me.. but I don't even know if I can trust her.


Um... Hello?

I dont know why im posting this but i just wanted to. This site feels so empty, just thought id ask, why does it say 2016 my chemical romance at the bottom when they broke up in 2013??

It confuses me....Anyways i'll see you guys around?

My quotev is Thnksfrthbnz so follow me i guess?

Im so awkward xD.

what's up?

I haven't logged into this site for a while. I'm so sorry! I've been so busy with school and exams coming up soon (which is very scary!).

What have I been doing with my life?

Well, right now I've just been spending a lot of time on homework and revising to be honest but on Friday I sang at a gig and got an amazing opportunity which is very exciting! Also yesterday I went out with my friends to a beach and we got blankets drinks and snacks and stuff and watched the sun go down, we took a lot of pictures and we just talked and stuff.

I also realized how truly lonely and single I am.

I'm teaching myself ukulele

Last Sunday I was sitting in bed listening to music. Welcome to the Black Parade came on and I laughed because the idea came to me that 'hey, it would be really funny if I played this on my ukulele.' I've owned a ukulele for over a year, and had tried teaching myself by watching YouTube tutorials and learning individual chords, but I hadn't made any progress. I looked up the chords online, and found a website that had them and had little charts showing how to play each chord. I went through the intro a few times, but a lot of the chords were difficult to play.