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I literally just sneezed and my mom screamed at me to shut up about MCRX already

I'm dead


When this is a comeback could you also come to austria!PLEASE!!!!

So here's what's going on :D

So, in the past 24 hours;
1. They deleted the break-up tweet
2. They posted a mysterious video with the date 9/26/16
3. They added a 'tour' section to this website
4. They put out new merchandise (Available at Hot Topic) *wink wink*
5. A new logo was designed and put up
6. They're not MCR anymore. They're MCRX, X as in the Roman numeral for 10.
7. It's confirmed (apparently) that they're going on a world tour to celebrate the tenth anniversary (hence the X on MCRX) of the Black Parade, and for all the fans (like me :( ) who became fans too late.
Just if anyone was wondering what was going on

Well let's go back to the middle...

Crazy, hearing that piano yesterday took me back to the first time I heard it 10 years ago, a lot has changed in that time but I was instantly transported back to then and the memories of watching them perform it at Hammersmish Palais in the August. The excitement, the goosebumps the emotions.

Living in the past is not something that should be recommended but a healthy dose of nostalgia and a reminder of a different time can be good.

My mind is awash with the possibilities of what this could be.


The site has a mailing list up now, guys. Mailing lists aren't for bands that won't potentially be touring....... I'm SCREAMING FDBNLKSDNSDLVI