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I forgot my phone today. All day at school I'm thinking "somethings gonna happen". After I got home(still can't find my phone,fuck) I figure I'd check the site. I simply googled "My Chemical Romance" and the head lines came up......I just had a mini heart attack. Thank fucking god he's doing okay.The past week's been pretty shitty,thank god my idol dying didn't get added to that list. I'm still keeping my prayers out that he'll do fine and that his family's okay.
The odd thing,despite me having a constant feeling that I'd miss something without having my phone,is that in the past few month's


Frank Iero
Bus Crash
He's okay
how did i not hear about this

Entre Nous

So there's a lot going on right now in my personal life. I went back to school, which is great and I have a job which is also helpful. I started going to the gym and working on my appearance in the past several months and I feel about 4% more confident than I ever have before. I just really don't like my face I wish there was a natural way to make my face more attractive, but fuck it I'll work with what I have. Other than that, I'm financially fucked and I'm lonely as all hell. I love my job and it's a wonderful place to work, however I make less than dick and it's becoming a problem.


So If any of you guys are subbed to me on Youtube (Link at bottom of blog ;) ),
You will know that I have pretty long hair for a guy. Well, today, I pondered about shaving the side of my head.... And I'm gonna do it. I think it'll look somewhat good and it will help me get to grips with my
massive fuck off forehead lmao. After I get back from holiday, I am gonna go and get it done and I really can't wait!
Something else I want to say is:
I hope that frank (and band) is doing okay with his mental and physical injuries from today.
This makes me wonder if any of the band members ever look back


MCR saved my life, I was very depressed when I was younger. I would cut myself and hate myself but the music was a way out. I didn't feel so alone and I felt less like a piece of shit. The music makes me feel safe and understood. The loss of my grandmother to cancer was the most traumatic experience of my life. She entered that hospital with color in her checks and you wouldn't of known she was sick. I was her little nurse when I was at the hospital, I would help all I could. I was only 10 the last day I saw her, i held her hand and kissed her bye and I knew that was the last time I would.