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Springsteen show was amazing!

blown away by this show yesterday in barcelona

my first springsteen show and it was amazing! he played almost 4 hours

had a really good place: 1st pit

night before the show: met him at his hotel^^

Talking to Gerard Way?! (UPDATE)

So in my previous blog I said that there is that twitter acc who is secretly a famous person and I think it's Gerard (you can see my theory there if you'd like!).

The other day I noticed that Cheesy's DMs were open so I just started typing random sh*t there and I said something about my life because I didn't feel motivational and when I don't feel motivational, I tend to send random DMs to people that I love (famous or not) telling them my problems even if they don't see it!

This happened on Friday, right?

I don't belong anywhere.

Pretty much everywhere I go I'm either shit on or ignored, even with the kids who have never fit in either I don't fit in, and it's honestly really depressing to finally realize that no matter where you go and no matter how fucking loud or quiet you are your voice will never be heard and no matter how conservative or crazy you dress you're not going to be seen and no matter how bad or good you are nobody is going to care.

I made a smart TV

So, my laptop has been broken for awhile. The screen was just horrible - the resolution was super poor and the colors were horrible and it gave you a headache to look at. So I finally got the money to go down to the geek squad at best buy and try to get it fixed and the lady looked at it and immediately said that the monitor had gone bad and that it'd cost way more to fix than it would be to just buy a new computer so that's what I did. I bought microsoft office and a mouse for it and everything is good. It's pretty awesome and I really love it.

When I was buying the new computer though the

My One Year MCR Anniversary

Happy "birthday" to me! Exactly one year ago, I ordered my first MCR tshirt and picked up The Black Parade at my local Walmart (all they had WAS the censored one, which is quite funny when you get to "Blood". :P)

To mark the occasion, today I wore that shirt and played the full BP album, and then I took The Black Parade is Dead to my folks and proceeded to watch this with my Mom. Isn't she sweet? :) Dad even peeked in a little!

I really want some striped sleeves like Gerard wears. HotTopic doesn't seem to carry these, so I will have to look elsewhere.

What else?