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still hope

despite everything, theres still hope. they still havent explained why the breakup tweet was deleted and stuff like that. if they arent coming back this year, we still got 2019 to think about. even if the band never gets together again, im still dressing up as a killjoy in 2019 because i fucking can and no ones gonna stop me

Maybe there's hope

Okay so I really really really don't want to sound like I'm pushing anything onto the guys that they aren't comfortable with. That's the last thing I ever want to do. So a lot of us might have seen that one interview in 2014 I think. Gee talked about how a big reason he ended MCR was because he felt like they were dying out or losing that spark. But I feel like the reaction they got yesterday might've helped prove that that sure as hell isn't the case.No matter how looped in with "emo fags" they are,MCR is so much more than that. All of them are musical geniuses honestly.


I lowkey hope they actually have something up their sleeve and they only tweeted that to get us all to chill the fuck out. That tweet still doesn't explain why the breakup posts were deleted, or why the tour tab says "upcoming events".

So, I think thats all...

You know, it's been 6 years since I wrote a blog here, this "place" used to be my safe haven, the place I put my feelings out... And MCR used to be my cure (still are, I guess), and just thought for a minute they would be together once more make me feel so happy, so full of hope, but then I realize that the fact is, MCR is over and we all have to fallow our own paths just keeping their songs in our hearts and minds when everything gets to much to deal with. I still love MCR from the bottom of heart and just hope for all the guys a happy life!

xoxo Naty =}