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OMG! I really hope they get back together! They are the best band to walk this earth!

my opinion of MCRX


*intense, high pitched wailing*

thank you for your time.

what the fuck

can someone please tell me what the fuck is happening beecause i have no idea

Emo Screamo

Tbh I think that they're just gonna release a small album or something, nothing huge. Hope I'm wrong though.

I have been reborn.

I keep telling myself to not be but so hopeful to avoid getting hurt, but I CAN'T HELP IT. This has got me so fucked up right now. I am so happy, as soon as I saw that video you betcha I put TBP on the record player and threw on an MCR shirt. I bet people don't feel this cleansed even after being baptized.

MCR, don't let me down.