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Remember the band that toured with mcr in Europe a few times during Black Parade and Danger Days??
Well they broke up but their singer/guitarist has a new music video and I'm in LOVE check it out!!!


lost. (an absence explanation nobody cares about)

I haven't been on here for almost two months. I can't even bring myself to comment, or read posts on here. I've been feeling so low - like I'm about to reach a new breaking point that I've never gotten to before, and I don't know what will happen when I do hit it.
Stay street.

I`m so Awkward

Sometimes I`m just really awkward and I want to disappear

Being Committed #1

I have always loved car rides, and riding in an ambulance–strapped to the gurney or not–was the best type of ride. You get a full view of the freeway as the sun’s rising. I got an asian nurse–around my age and still in school–riding in the back with me. She had to ask me a few questions, but she was quick about it. It was like, do you have any anxiety right now? Truth be told I was as chill as Mr. Freeze.
I said, "Yeah, a lot." On a scale of one to ten? "Nine point five." They’ll believe you more if you leave a little room. Any suicidal thoughts?

My fitness routine...

So. Now I have 12 long weeks before I join college, and I have made it my goal to become a lot more fit that what I am now. Here is my little routine I have been trying out!

Let us Begin...

* It starts with a morning jog. This takes me about 3/4 of an hour. I jog for a couple of miles.
* I eat Granola for breakfast because it is soooooo fucking good.
* Throughout the day I snack on low calorie pop corn and dried mango.
* I lift free weights for around half an hour before having dinner.
* This gives me metabolic boost for when I eat my dinner which I mainly a healthy, home cooked meal.
* On a