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First Blog? The Five Of Us Are Going To Die (Rough Mix) Review

Hello! My name is Sam and, well....I'm kind of an MCR fan.

I want to focus this blog around reviewing music, since I have no other place for it. So, what other place to start than the single from the upcoming The Black Parade reissue, "The Five of Us Are Going To Die".

If you have some knowledge on My Chemical Romance, you probably know that this song is the song that developed into Welcome To The Black Parade. From the song's quiet-to-loud dynamic in the beginning, it's easy to see how.

predicting an identity crisis

and here's the anxiety/ worry/ negativity post on how nervous i am to go home.
so the main reason i got that script for propranolol was because i was real nervous that i'd get real anxious at home from all the adjusting i'd have to do. and i didn't pack any scalpels because i'm trying to move past that part of my life.
i haven't yet analysed why i'm anxious to go so this may get really rambly.

1) yikes. so i guess the first thing is well.. being away form all my things. all my distractions and all the things that are important / integral / are touchstones for myself.


isn't it grand?
i can't for the life of me, figure out why we like looking back. but i'm going to do that today.
i've been incredibly fortunate in so may ways and not in others. i'm proud of the strides that i've been able to take as a person, thinking about me a year ago and i see the strides i've taken to get better, to move forward. i've continued to be self-critical and to question my own decisions and self for good. i definitely know better more about myself as of now. and though i may not be comfortable with all of it, there is more pride to be found.
writing on here has been so very


it's better than nothing, I guess. it's also welcoming new members to the fandom.


I'm so excited for MCRX I'm so happy. I'm glad that I remained an emo kid and I always knew they would reunite. MCRX for life!! ❤