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Please stop using 'rawrXD'

Dear followers of recently murdered guerrilla Harambe,

Thank you for reading my clickbait title and reading this.
I just wanted to do a little update for all of you active fans.

So let us begin (god it has been a while since I have written that)

Im not back. I will never be posting stories like I used to. I found them fun but my sense of humour has changed somewhat. I have recently spiked in important activity such as watching tv playing guitar and playing some videogames like no mans sky and kingdom hearts again.
I have put on a little wait and I don't care to be honest.
I have had a crush

mortuary sub complications

Well I started with my new therapist on Thursday. And let's just say I don't think she is going to be a good match. she's an old hag ( pardon my language) and mainly she just got my back ground info on why I was diagnosed Bipolar/ Schizo Affective, which in terms is kinda personal and I don't always like to bring up my past because it stresses me.

But after that the bitch had the nerve to tell me about my diagnosis as if I didn't know this shit already.

And then after that, she called in my Psychiatrist who I haven't seen since I lived in Winder ( my old house and therapy clinic) and I told

a not entirely PG update

hey guys
so just wanted to check in. school starts in 9 days, which sucks but is also good cause i've been really bored and lonely and isolating a lot.
I've been working on fixing a situation I got myself into. I don't think I've mentioned it here cause it's not completely PG. I have a lot of guys online that I give my kik to. A lot of them I send... let's just say... provocative pictures of myself. I have since I was 13 and for a long time it's been a way for me to feel beautiful and like I mattered and like people cared and like I had worth.

General Update No. "I Lost Count"

So, hello everyone, welcome back to one of my blogs. Can you believe it's been like a month since I posted? I'm really sorry about that, but I've been trying to make up for it by replying to posts and stuff. Since it's been so long, let me give you an update:
-I was going to get a guitar this summer but my parents decided it'd be best if I got one for christmas. Makes more sense I guess...? I'm kind of upset, but not surprised at all.
-So I started listening to Bring Me The Horizon a lot... I really like their stuff, from oldest to newest (although I prefer the new-ish stuff.

shirt review?

does anybody know what the red womens mcrx shirt is like