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Has anyone heard from XxstraightjacketxX?

She's a friend of mine and used to be all the time, just concerned cause we lost touch. lmk ...thanks.

Alternative Press Announced Special My Chemical Romance Issue!

Alternative Press has announced a magazine issue dedicated to My Chemical Romance and the Black Parade. It has never before seen posters and an exclusive interview with Bob Bryar. Make sure to check it out!


Hey Guys

I forgot what my account info was!! I mistook my own account as 1nnocence1sdead *which is my tumblr* oops. Oh well. I remembered now XD
Super syked abt the new stuff going on w MCR. about to start school. I have a job! Which is really exciting. I'm going on 8 months w my love. 8 or 9? I'm hella tired right now. I actually swam yesterday! I finally learned how to swim. A really big accomplishment for me cause it's taken me so damn long and a fear of deep water to get over. So yeah. Pretty proud of myself! ^=^


First off, thank you all for the kind words about my friend. I left the group chat and she apologized that it annoyed me. It didn't annoy me---being left out horribly did and I just decided to do something about it. She's been like this before in elementary school, and I'm just gonna treat her the way she treats me. If she's nice, I'll be nice. If she ignores me, I'll ignore her. If she wants to be best friends forever and becomes all chummy with me, well then good luck because I'm not trusting that.
Anyway, I bought a bass!!!! I found one and an amp for under $200 at a pawn shop this

Hello Earthlings...

Hiya fellow shitty teens. I came here to ask if any of you guys have No Man's Sky (the new fucking awesome game)

I saw Ray plays it and I thought that would be a cool thing to share