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Another Day

Last night my boyfriend broke up with me.. I was fine at first, but then it finally hit me. I listened to some music to calm down, then I called him. We agreed to be friends, so I wasn't too worried about seeing him in class today.
My day was good. My friends were with me, I got a free hour and one of my grades rose to a B. Then, I had to go to that class. Theater III. I walked in and sat with my friends. We were talking and making jokes, then he walked in. The new addition to my (short) list of exs. He completely ignored me and went to hang out with his friend.
My friend was tired of our

It's Been Years

I just logged into my account for the first time in over 2 years. It makes me so happy to see so many fresh posts and that the community is still active. I haven't had a chance to get Living With Ghosts, I don't want to listen to any of it yet, I have a habit I like to follow when it comes to new music. It involves the CD, a Walkman and headphones. I look forward to hearing it.


Gee, I didnt know this was a bloggy like that Im sooo impressed Mr! Are you a Mind reader? DONT ANSWER!!! You must be, because this is exactly what i wanted and needed. Im gonna have so mych Fun here ,)

thanks and feeling better

feeling good actually!

shout outs to slalienbassist and cheriselynn for commenting on my last post. thanks. You guys rock! :D

So, a little follow-up

spam filter keeps triggering . post is in the comments.