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Virtual Eye Roll

Completely demolishing my heart just wasn't good enough the first time, I guess.
(I am not blaming it on any one of the band members.)
I think that the update could have been presented in a completely different way. Although the video is beautiful, it is just much too misleading.
I honestly think that WB might have just been trying to release a heartfelt video for the new release, but I don't think they expected the response we gave them. I, personally, would donate a kidney to see these fuckers tour. That's how deep my love and dedication to this band runs. I was so fucking excited.

For Gerard's Sake:

A friendly reminder: do not pester any of the band members about this. Especially Gerard. He will be at a convention, NOT ON BEHALF OF MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, but for the sake of personal interest, comics, and fun. Do not go up to him and bug him about the video, or anything for that matter. Just a friendly "Hello!" will make everyone happy, without anyone getting annoyed or uncomfortable. Thanks guys, and as always, Never Let Them Take the Light Behind Your Eyes.


Feeling Shitty

just... Why WB? ;-;

Please Take Note

This wasn't on the guys, it was Warner Bros fault. That being said, please don't bother the guys about it. Gerard is going to be at SDCC, please don't go up to his booth pestering him about MCR. He's there for his comic stuff, not MCR. Same goes with any of the guys on Twitter or social media. Frank's releasing a new album in eight days so there's that to be excited about.

Also in case anyone doesn't understand, when MCR signed their record contract, if it followed most record contracts they signed away their rights to the logo, licensing rights etc.


there was no need to delete the bands breakup tweets and posts, there was no need to update the tour page, just why. This is so sick and I know the boys wouldn't do this it had to be warner bros trying to get us all riled up. But I think im a little sad none of the guys has said anything on any of their social media platforms