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It's all a conspiracy!

The link to the tour on Wikipedia leads to Bruno Mars. He probably hacked the website and changed the Wikipedia page in order to lead to his concert, all for publicity. It has caused just the uproar he intended. As for the twitter bio being deleted, Gerard probably just didn't wamt to remind everybody of the dates so all the band member's social media accounts won't get flooded on the 22nd. Don't get your hopes up, but keep running. As long as us fans are here, MCR is never truly gone.



The Tours Section

"Check back for more news about THE upcoming tour"... THE upcoming tour... Please say this isn't a mistake.

Well.. lets see where this goes..

Ok so this is my first post on this website, and gotta admit I just got obsessed with MCR a few weeks ago. The few weeks that iv'e been a fan have crushed my soul in such wonderful ways. The fact that I would never get to see them live in concert messed me up but I decided to just truck through that and listen to them over and over again and that's what iv'e been doing.
So this morning, I checked Ifunny where i'm subscribed to a bunch of MCR accounts, and so then I heard about how they might get back together. I then checked the Google results and saw that They're performing in May.


That's it. I'm giving up.
I need a timeout from this site.
If you need me, I'll be in the army: The MCRmy website.
Stay beautiful.