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Wow! I talk about gaming conventions and not just rubbish (skip to the second paragraph for i58)

Oh, I've got a headache. I shouldn't be looking at screens all day XD. Well I did get away from my iPad and my laptop and my phone etc when I went to my cousins' house. See, my auntie, uncle and one of my cousins have been on away on a cruise for the past two weeks (was it two weeks or three?). Anyway, my other cousin decided that he's too old for family trips away (I mean he is 18) and stayed at home.


I used my school computer to write on here and it's been taken away for the summer but it should be back soon. But so many things (first world problems) have happened and quite recently too. But excuse me while I go die at band camp this Monday through friday.


whats some really well made happy music,, i dont want to be sad but i want really good inspiring music

I Tried to Submit This Without a Title

I tend to start off blogs saying I really don't know what I'm gonna say and guess what this is another so yeah. I commented on some people's posts which was surprisingly gratifying. like I know it makes me happy when people comment on mine so maybe one of the people's I commented on is like that and I helped make them a little happier so yeah that feels nice.
Mikey and Pete were at the g&r concert the other night and I am extremely upset i did not get a picture of them together. like cmon guys please?

Why I blog some days and not others

If you have seen my account, there have been blogs out day after day... And then a stop... Then they come back but every two to three days even though my profile bio says I post daily. I should really edit that. I just either have had a really busy day and I haven't had time to blog, I've have a really uneventful day with nothing to talk about or I've just lost motivation to make blogs.

I know how friendly this community is, so if I never get any comments (and I know this isn't always true but I've just had the negative in mind) I feel like no one has read it... I just go straight for that