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I`m so Awkward

Sometimes I`m just really awkward and I want to disappear

Being Committed #1

I have always loved car rides, and riding in an ambulance–strapped to the gurney or not–was the best type of ride. You get a full view of the freeway as the sun’s rising. I got an asian nurse–around my age and still in school–riding in the back with me. She had to ask me a few questions, but she was quick about it. It was like, do you have any anxiety right now? Truth be told I was as chill as Mr. Freeze.
I said, "Yeah, a lot." On a scale of one to ten? "Nine point five." They’ll believe you more if you leave a little room. Any suicidal thoughts?

My fitness routine...

So. Now I have 12 long weeks before I join college, and I have made it my goal to become a lot more fit that what I am now. Here is my little routine I have been trying out!

Let us Begin...

* It starts with a morning jog. This takes me about 3/4 of an hour. I jog for a couple of miles.
* I eat Granola for breakfast because it is soooooo fucking good.
* Throughout the day I snack on low calorie pop corn and dried mango.
* I lift free weights for around half an hour before having dinner.
* This gives me metabolic boost for when I eat my dinner which I mainly a healthy, home cooked meal.
* On a

I have LEFT schoo!

This is crazy for me. I have to work on saturdays now. I have to hope for A*'s. I'm kinda scared but It is all good. Honestly, the time has flew straight on by. Expect more posts soon! Love you all

Ryan xx


Get rid of the infection. Flip it all on it's side. Hit the high lights and just drive!

"All my friends are heathens, take it slow."


P.S. I'm too random.