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what the hell

alright so I made up my mind to preorder the mcrx album on warner music Australia but when I went onto the collections mcr wasn't there did they like leave warner music or am I just dumb. below is all of the m results

Why I hate clothes shopping (well not fully)

My left hand is all numb from leaning on it for over 2 hours XD. Anyway, on to the blog! So yesterday (yesterday for me because it's 2:45am) I had to go clothes shopping with my mum, my brother and my dad because I needed school shoes (uniforms suck) and we all needed formal clothes for my grandparents' wedding anniversary event coming up in September. Now, I've been dreading this day since the event was arranged. I hate clothes shopping, especially with my family. (Be warned, I have a lot to say)

To start off, I'm the type of person that only ever keeps to one type is style.

Checking in

Hey loves! I hope you're all having a good day and I just wanted to check in and let you guys in on some events going on in my life right now.
Well, tomorrow my best friend and roommate is coming down for the night and we're gonna get some shopping done and hang out with my boyfriend before we have to move into the dorm on September 5th. I'm so excited and I honestly don't know how I'm gonna sleep tonight lol
The other big event-- I'm moving into my college dorm in a few days!

read it!

this is the cutest fic i've ever read i am CRYING cause its so cute its a ryden p!atd fic please read it please please please link is in the comments cause fucking spam filter

Deactivation commencing

Au Revoir my emo friends. I will see you in a new life.

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Goodbye forever! It has been good listening and writing to you guys.

yours truly