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So, I know about all of the rumors going around. I don't want to get my hopes up. I really hope something happens but I'm not counting too much on it.....tomorrow will be upsetting for all of the mcrmy. But killjoys, keep your heads held high. We have something to sing about.
-carry on <3

SO tomorrow?

Gerard is supposed to return to twitter with some news, right? Do you think he's going to announce the return of MCR?


i will be wearing my I'm Not Okay t-shirt.
new jeans and will blast mcr all day.
it is a day of rememberance.
let us make it so

March 22

well guys... it's officially one year.
a year ago, we were all bright eyed and cheeky... the guys were struggling in silence.
a year later, we are all understanding.
Gerard is taking his little girl to school and drawing comics like he wants.
Frank is living la vida loca with his own family
Mikey is rocking out
Ray and Bob are living their independent lives

but My Chemical Romance still lives on.

2 years, Thank You.

well, its been 2 years since our musical heroes decided to quit while they were ahead and we either accepted it or rebelled against it. But no matter what, I'm sure you can agree with the fact that My Chemical Romance brought happiness, comfort, love and passion to us all, so for this, from me and many more, thank you, for not quitting, so that we wouldn't either.