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Cheez-It 355 at The Glen NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
Race : Cheez-It 355 at The Glen
Date : Sun, Aug 7 - 2016
Start Time : 2:46p ET
Venue : Watkins Glen International

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series's Race Cheez-It 355 at The Glen Show you on any type of Device Like, MAC, Ipads, I Phone, PC, Laptop, Linux, Desktop, or any other device etc, Link: livenascaronline com


Do any of you Killjøys have instagram? Bc if so, follow me @/philtrash.calleddan and I will follow back and then I'll dm you and we can hyperventilate together XD

We Don't Need Another Song About California

Hey guys

I'm in Cali right now! took a 6 hour flight from the east coast from the west coast. Got to see all of America from really high up and it looked SO cool! The flight was kinda bumpy and that made me anxious but otherwise it was fine. Slept a lot.

When we arrived at my aunt and uncle's house, we hung out for a little while, then went to Piercing Pagoda to get my ears pierced (again)! I got my third hole on my left ear and my fourth on the right (I despise symmetry). It didn't even hurt at all, despite the fourth hole being half on my lobe, half on the cartilage.


I'm bored and I really wanted to see Suicide Squad today but I guess that didn't work out. However, hopefully soon, my mcr book will be coming soon and I'm excited for that. One more day of band for this week and I'll have my weekend off. Hallelujah. Anyway, keep it ugly.
P.s wild n' out is hilarious rn.
- xoxo J


It is my birthday today (aug 4th)
meaning that I get a lot of free shit. That is basically what birthdays are though right. You selebrate your birth with the giving of presents. I think it is stupid tbh. I'm a mean person. But none the less I got so much money and a guitar pedal. And now I think I sound much better whilst playing! See you later


a mean person.