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clusterfuck #1

i write this on my way to school and shit am i glad its the end of the week.

i found out one of my friends is coming up to see me in november which is fun as fuck cause all my friends live 4+ hours away from me. well except one, but i only get to see him at school. i wish i had friends who lived closer :,).

i met alot of my friends in january at frank's acoustic show in melbourne. that day changed my life and im glad i got to tell Evan that. he looked so genuinely happy when i said that.

i miss melbourne. i wish i lived there. ugh.

im v excited for new music from some of my favourite

darcy darcy darcy

So, it just occurred to me, watching the 66 tapes a few minutes ago, that darcy wretsky want really a bad person at all. Which is strange because when I was younger I like her. And these are from the mid ninetees before she went cuku. And Im like, if I were telepathic I would tell her now to gimme the crack and let me force feed it to james thru is eyes. Because if she needed a cure for some sickness, then he was obviously not it, nor qualified to give it to her. I would tell her all about my sisters Mushroom, Poppy, Holy, Bella Donna and Aspen, and the little one Valerie.


I rilly rilly rilly always wanted to play guitari, bat my daddy Billy plays and hes really good, and I just don know. See, I grew up around them so I understand the sound and I can tune them and I can kinda figure out how to play bat I just really never picked one up and got past an intro from an idoru. I bought music for siamese dream and i bought i basic cords book and I enjoyed reading the siamese dream book bat i still didnt play a note. Then I got a bass.
Ok, everyone always said i would play bass. And lo and behold there are a tonne of good female bassists too!


I took the PSATs today, now my head hurts