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Getting my car tomorrow! Or maybe friday :P

So I bought my car (a 2011 Volkswagon tiguan in black) a little over a week ago. It's been getting cleaned up and the dealership has been waiting for my ownership papers to come in since then. But tomorrow we're going to cash the check and maybe take the car home! If not today then friday. I got a bunch of LGBTQ bumper stickers in the Castro (the rainbow part of San Fransisco) and some key chains too. Also got stickers for my car at Warped. My car is gonna be the gay-mobile and it's gonna be great! I'm really excited to have my own car :)
Bought Gerard red hair dye today.


All in the comments because I can't be bothered trying to find what is causing the spam filter to go off


So I didn't actually know that The Five of Us Are Dying could be bought and listened to in full, so if anyone asks why I'm up way later than I should be and am face down on my floor crying, its because I'm having an emotional reaction to that. I'm not sure who to share it with. My internet best friend (we met through MCR) lives about a 20 hour plane trip away (including layovers and all the fun stuff that comes with flying internationally) and so she's either sleeping or at work right now and so I can't really talk to her about it.

Just a quick question...

Yo, what's up guys?!
I have been listening to a lot of MCR lately. I get like this sometimes.
And I have been thinking. Can you list the MCR albums from Best to worst?
Here is mine:

Three Cheers


Danger days

The Black parade

Conventional weapons


I hope you all aren't disappointed with my lack of uploads but I am a very busy human hahaha
see you all later

The angry emo that dislikes the idea of MCRx

Went to the beach

Remember it's a British beach so it rained a bit and it wasn't all that sunny. More like clouds. Me, my mum, my brother and my grandparents went to Scarborough for the beach and some fish and chips and a walk on the beach. We had to find dog-friendly sections of the beach so we were at the end of the beach with not that many stores. Walked around in our shoes on the beach throwing around a tennis ball around for the dog to chase. Then we went to look for lunch. There were burger store, pizza stores and sandwich stores but not many fish and chip shops.