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Gerard Way New Post!!!

On Gerard Way's website, he posted a new "blog post." He also updated it's appearance. For some reason, I cannot repost it here due to it triggering the spam filter. :( You can find it by searching Gerard Way and clicking on his website: gerardway dot com.


all i keep thinking is why...

my fiance and i just got a new town house last month... within this first month hes already calleed off a day of work meaning less income meaning living on bare minimum as is... today he slid down the stairs literally three or four steps not a huge deal in my eyes but getting up he was acting as if he couldnt walk at all saying he "slammed" his knee and hip into the floor..... why..... four steps tops and he didnt want to go to work. if he had a phone he would have called in.... why...... this is why ive been thinking so hghly of getting a second job.

don't mess the good things up

once you break someones trust you cant ever get it back

dont ruin the good things

The black parade

the black parade is dead although it's MEMORY WILL CARRY ON. No matter how long its been out it WILL even if they never tour again

Radical Soda!

I've been checking on and off this site for a LOOONG time. Seriously, I don't even remember how many years it's been. But, I've never made an account, so I decided to make one. So I figured I should introduce myself to those interested. I'm splitting this up between my Killjoy OC and my actual self, because they are both equally important.
So, let's start with my real self. My name is Maya, and I'm a self-taught drummer. I have a lizard named Pierogi, I love cheesecake, and I like making zines or just drawing in general. Life's alright. I want to die sometimes, but it's alright.