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Calm down guys :)

Hello everyone, yes I'm new here but not new as MCR fan as I have been one for about 10 or 11 years now... Anyway, I don't get in to discussions online if I can avoid it but I do think everyone has to calm down. Noone has said anything about a reunion. The only reason why some things changed on the website is because they were changing the domain or something like that..

The point is don't get your hopes up. Hell, I would love it if they were getting back together because I never even saw them live but we have to be realistic.


Okay okay there are so many signs that the God's are getting back together but we can't be sure of this unless they reveal it themselves so we should all chill the fuck out and let what happens happen.
(Totally hoping it happens)

What in gods name?!

What is going on?! Please tell me you are getting back together?!

*sits in corner w/ tin foil hat*

Okay, so I normally don't post anything on anything other than Instagram and occasionally Twitter but this is one of those times where all sh**s have been lost and the MCR fandom is flailing their arms trying to find answers. Holy Lord in heaven above is this even real life? The stars have aligned. When I woke up this morning I was casually going through my Ifunny subscriptions and then I found a very special post that explained what was happening. I immediately took a screen cap to post it on Instagram and when on Insta. I scrolled through my feed and a wave of more information.

Everybody Please Calm Your Brains and Hearts Down (I Mean It)!!!

Holy hell, after the Community Tab disappeared and reappeared again, everyone who I swear I don't even know for three (was it four) years started popping out with the big question "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!!" and the rumour of an MCR Reunion!!
I've tried to keep myself cool and relax, but everybody's screaming like they just woke up from the Matrix and that makes me freaking out in such a negative way!!!
Hi, this is Sid and I am freaking frustrated with you guys spamming with your blogs saying "WHAT IS FREAKING HAPPENING?!!!!"
Just shut up--stop freaking out, stop writing a blog, nope!! Haley,