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I'm back!

No one knows her secret identity...

What to say?
Things have been crazy- but most importantly I'm a fucking DAD!
Back in Los Angeles and fighting off the jet-lag from Tokyo, though it seems I am slipping out of my coma.
I apologize for the radio silence, but I generally shut-down when we are working on a new album, and adjusting to the new addition in my life has kept me very busy. But I think it's almost time to put this record to bed, though it doesn't sleep- it thrashes.
I want to thank my beautiful wife for creating with me the most special little person I have ever met.
Here is a depiction by my favorite artist, Mr. Gabriel Ba'...

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Thank you Osaka Summersonic!!!

Another great show!  We thank you Osaka, and all of Japan for treating us so good here!  My Chemi loves you!

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Thank you Tokyo Summersonic!!!

Wow, you guys and gals were INCREDIBLE!!!! We knew there was a reason we love coming to Japan...Thank you for the great show!!!!! One of the best in our lives!!!

Osaka, here we come!!!