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my sistewr

Ok so, 1 2 3 and PANTY! That was Miss danyells band Pantychrist. What can I say about danyell deville? Nofing cause then shed have to kill you, unintentionally. Here are the lyrics that I know:


I paint the floor dark shades of red
A perfect portrait of the dead
A screaming child thats never fed
Locked up tight inside my head
Rubbing, scratching, burning bones
Bloodshot eyes, cut out my throat
I think Ill get a piece today
Its my life to take away
Ah, suicide
Dulls knives never cut the skin
Enough to make a difference
No one even knows Im home
Its better I be

untitled...because I wish I had that song on the new MCRX album. :P

Mrs. Corrigan, thanks for the new reply on my post from a few days back. Yeah, having yet another one of those days where I fear I messed up by either my words or my actions. (And I was doing SO GOOD too!..haha kindalike charbars recent post. Hey my friend!

Ok, I don't really lie singling people out in my posts, but I dont really mind when others do it to me, so I hope y'all dont mind me. Um, so where was I?

oh yes, doing stupid stuff. Not really, but idk. I am afraid again. But rather than dwell and make things worse, welli came here (haha so sorry! :P ) No because I know it's safe here.