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~She's the One They Call Ol' Whatsername~

Hey guys! Hope you all had a nice day! Here's how mine went:

Biology: we learned about prenatal and postnatal development today. The lab was just measuring and calculating how fast the fetus grows. Kind of boring. :/

Study hall: homeworkkk

English: We started writing our final dystopian literature essays We have to talk about the similarities in the themes of Fahrenheit 451 and The Hunger Games.It's not due until tomorrow at 11:50, but I'm gonna finish it today so I don't forget about it over break. I also helped my friend write our assessment thing for PE.

mcr concert

well even the 22nd passed,I feel prety awful just with the idea that the only way to watch them playing in a concert is going to be through youtube.........

Still sick

So I'm still sick. Had to stay home from school. Had to call in sick for work. I hate missing work. Hopefully I'll be better by Friday. We're going to New Jersey to visit my grandparents. We have been going to NJ for easter since my big brother was born in 1996. and MCR was there in 2001-2003ish.... we just missed them! but I bet we drove past one of their shows. Also, my grandparents live in Frenchtown NJ, which is 30-45 mins from Trenton! thats where I heard Frank lives! I never try to find his house or anything, but it's pretty cool :)
Mom brought me soup, fruit salad and some smoothies.


Now that I got the whole MCR Death Day out of the Gee-Mikey Way, this is the new review!!!
Thanks for reading!! And stay beautiful!!!