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The count down begins... Tomorrow is halloween. :D

Have a picture of me with an oogie boogie jack-o-lantern. :)

Are you guys dressing up for halloween? What are you being?
I'm being Sweeney Todd. :D


Throughout my life most of the people I've known have suffered quite badly with depression there was a time I was very arrogant about it probably not the best way to describe how I looked at depression but let's just say I figured people just needed to grow up and deal with shit but I was around 8/9 at the time as I grew older I started to see that these people had grown up but intern took on so much in life weather they wanted too or not and it'd took its toll on them to the point of breaking.

New music

Hey guys

This is the last music I will share until my album comes out in 2016



What's up, y'all?