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Amplía gama de productos

Pese a que la empresa, organizado por la cooperación de la sociedad de responsabilidad limitada «Gulifarm» y la China de Xinjiang Import Export & Feiteng Trading Co., Ltd. y los dos años ha tenido tiempo para tomar una posición fuerte en el mercado de productos farmacéuticos.
Originalmente, la compañía produjo más de 900 mil paquetes mensuales de más de diez tipos de medicinas que cumplen requisitos internacionales, entonces allí el año pasado fue otra tienda e instalación líneas de fabricación adicional.


I'll try to keep up with the dates, but here goes.

Day 1: Why do you love My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance is a huge inspiration. They helped me see that I had to face my demons instead of running away, and that its okay to not be okay. Thy taught me that it’s okay to be me… and I’ll never forget it.

i feel so fucking hurt...

someone on just asked if i was close to suicide, well, "how close to suicide are you" and it's really shaken me up, i can't imagine why they've asked it, i get a little depressed sometimes, mostly when i havent had my tablets, but i'm not suicidal anymore, i'm over that now, i have things to live for now, and i don't know why but someone asking me that anonymously has actually made me cry, i think it's really rude and horrible to say to somone and to think they have the right to try get into my fucking personal life like that makes me sick!!! No i'm not usually happy, but i'm not

My MCR poem that is going to rhyme so get over it

I can't name all the books of the Bible,
But I know every word of "Sleep"
I can't do long division in my head very good
But I know every word of "Welcome To The Black Parade"
I can't speak fluent Spanish
But I know every word of "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"
I can't tell you what year George Washington died
But I know every word of "Teenagers"
I can't recite any Shakespeare from memory
But I know every word of "The End."
I can't tell you the name of every bone and muscle in the body
But I know every word of "Famous Last Words"
I can't run twenty laps around the gym
But I know every word of "I

Fortune Cookie from Hell

I'm not usually superstitious, but I went to Panda Express and the meal came with a fortune cookie. The fortune said that my life would change drastically in the next month, and it HAS. A lot. An old friend from my past has showed back up at my school, I've gotten an opportunity to start a band but I still need to get a guitar, and I've started having this weird dream...if you've ever seen Howl's Moving Castle, imagine the beast/bird thing he turns into except without the wings. In my dream I eat small blobs of darkness terrorizing other things, but the more I eat the worse I get.