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Calling It Quits

I've been thinking about quitting smoking. Well I practically think about it every time I open a pack, but I think that I'm going to make it official now. Wish me luck!

is ricky rebel gay?

i'm looking it up, but i'm not sure... is he?

Dream about 2 Jared Letos<3

I dreamed that there were 2 Jared Letos, really awesome <3

but somehow the one wanted to kill the other, don't know why XD
but maybe because every one wanted to be the most beautiful XD^^

I search this hoodie

I can't find this hoodie.... can someone tell where I can find it ??


My mood lately

Hey guys

I was in a crappy mood last night and early this morning which is why I tweeted "Fuck this shit" and "That's that" last night and I made up my mind last night that I wouldn't blog or tweet at all anymore which is why I tweeted "I've made my choice" early this morning (and yes I know I made in typo in that tweet). I was going to tell you all this in a blog kinda like this one but as I went through my day I got in a better mood I decided that blogging and tweeting wasn't worth giving up.

Thanks for reading