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Just had 2 "lovely" injections

I can't complain though, they're going to keep me nice and healthy. It would've been a nicer experience if my mother and the nurse wasn't nattering about my sister and her daughter. I was like "HEY! Watch what you're doing with that needle!" And I ended up getting 2 instead of 1 which I wasn't expecting. At least they were in my arm and not my hip :)

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well i start school tomorrow. wish me luck

sorry but its true

If music was a person, i would do anything in my power to make it love me as much as i love it.

It would be like Twilight fans after Edward Cullen.

(I have not watched the movie, i know the crap from my sister)

Sorry for the wierd post.


That awkward moment when you go to put a pair of like jean shorts on to look at least halfway acceptable to go to a school meeting and they tear off all the bandages on your legs and get blood all over them. Fuck my life