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well i start school tomorrow. wish me luck

sorry but its true

If music was a person, i would do anything in my power to make it love me as much as i love it.

It would be like Twilight fans after Edward Cullen.

(I have not watched the movie, i know the crap from my sister)

Sorry for the wierd post.


That awkward moment when you go to put a pair of like jean shorts on to look at least halfway acceptable to go to a school meeting and they tear off all the bandages on your legs and get blood all over them. Fuck my life

Socially Inept Burt The Dinosaur

Hi guys, how is everyone? This is yet again another crazy TRUE story, which happened only a few minutes ago. I was feeling down today but then one of my friends, actually the same friend that I gave potatoes to last week, made me so happy. I was sitting in study hall when my friend sat next to me. There was a whiteboard in front of us and she began to draw a dinosaur, which she named Burt. He is a dinosaur but has trouble in social situations, when he tries to talk to a person he begins to stutter, he’s always absent when he has to do an oral presentation in class.

I created something

I drew a picture of Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins