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life update

I feel like my math class is slowly eating away at me from the inside out. I don't really know what to do anymore, tutoring isn't helping and I'm just kind of getting progressively more frustrated and depressed. Honestly, Gerard is helping me through this, even though he doesn't know he is. I know he will always be there for me when the world Isn't.

clusterfuck #1

i write this on my way to school and shit am i glad its the end of the week.

i found out one of my friends is coming up to see me in november which is fun as fuck cause all my friends live 4+ hours away from me. well except one, but i only get to see him at school. i wish i had friends who lived closer :,).

i met alot of my friends in january at frank's acoustic show in melbourne. that day changed my life and im glad i got to tell Evan that. he looked so genuinely happy when i said that.

i miss melbourne. i wish i lived there. ugh.

im v excited for new music from some of my favourite

darcy darcy darcy

So, it just occurred to me, watching the 66 tapes a few minutes ago, that darcy wretsky want really a bad person at all. Which is strange because when I was younger I like her. And these are from the mid ninetees before she went cuku. And Im like, if I were telepathic I would tell her now to gimme the crack and let me force feed it to james thru is eyes. Because if she needed a cure for some sickness, then he was obviously not it, nor qualified to give it to her. I would tell her all about my sisters Mushroom, Poppy, Holy, Bella Donna and Aspen, and the little one Valerie.