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Sup? Im new

Hi. My name is chloe. Im new to the site and just wanted to say sup. so... yeah. hi.

Moving on

This is my first post and I'm finally over my ex girlfriend but I really want to find a new girl that likes cuddles to talk to, so if your interested please give me a message. I like mcr, ptv and smashing pumpkins, I have long black floppy hair and I love cuddles

lets bring this site back to life!!!!

when i first joined this page back in 2011 this page was so alive!!
it seems so quiet now.... the fan base is still alive lets bring it back to the serfous and stop staying underground

The start of my real world

Ever have those moments you feel like a complete crazy person?
Like you have issues that you take meds for or are in coinciding?
I've been told many times I should be on meds and a few years ago I was in counseling under the threat of being hospitalized
In four years I've come such a long way and some day I'll Lear that although I'm bipolar, have major depression, PTSD, and DID I'm still happy and alive and that's what matters

Never be afraid to be who you are



It's funny. I comment on a lot of peoples' posts and give them help and encourage them to talk about their problems. In my reality, though, I don't ever share my own life. Sure I post on here from time to time, but its always about a new album or something related to the MCR band members. I remain both physically and emotionally distant from you guys. So I guess here it is. Here is what is going on in my head and my life.

I have to get a job, but I just can't seem to get one. I really don't want to work in a restaurant, but no retail store, etc. will hire me.