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Thanks Anyways t(-_-t)

well... yeah. Thanks for getting our hopes up and whatnot and then kicking us in the teeth for it, but whatever. Yeah, I'm kinda very very sad about this but it's whatever, I guess. I'm not like, blaming the members or anything like that - I'm not that much of an asshole - but I do wish they could have told us a lot sooner than waiting 24 fucking hours.... um.... I'm just gonna go now. Bye.


MCR's announcement has left us in a state that is less than okay. No new tour. No reunion. Nothing. But hear me out, without calling me obsessive, insane or just plain weird. What did hey do for the tenth anniversary for Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge? Did they do anything this big? (I'm seriously asking, I do not remember if they did or not). They drop a bombshell on us, then for 24 hours, they let everyone think that something BIG will happen? They got re-verified on their page not too long ago, they deleted the break up post, and they sit by while pandemonium erupts?


There is no reunion and there are no more albums to be released. My heart is shattered. Why did they do this to me?!


Well that didn't last long did it? This is why I deliberately hyped down mcrx in my head cos now I'm not too disappointed. my 'always expect the worst and not be disappointed' philosophy proves itself once more! I still want to continue using this site as I hope the mcrx hype has somewhat revived the fans (or at least made them noisy again).

Still sad, but what can you do?


My hopes are so HIGH

why?! why'd you do this ? MCR? WHY?!!! T.T when the teaser for MCR X realeased i was like.. oh SH*T! they're coming back! and shared it to my friends and all of the groups that im in.. but now... why??! i hope you guys will be reunited again and bring hopes for all the KILLJOYS out there... ._. pleaaaase??! :( we are all waiting... MCR! MCR!