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I'm A Mess has become my life in the course of six hours. But if the rest of the album is like that, it'll be great omg i'm siked. The cover is really cool too, and I can't wait for all the merch too ahhhhh

I'm confused... So confused...

"I don't get how people can make such a fuss about gay couples that are happy and in love, when there's people dying of hunger and war and they don't even notice that. I really don't understand that."

So, long time no see... again. I'm so sorry. I'm grounded from my phone (and I have been for 4 months just because I cussed) and my sister broke my family laptop so I haven't had any chances to log onto here.
I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. I have no idea why I didn't sooner.

I'm not dead!

Hi everyone! I haven't been on for a few days because I've been pretty busy lately, last night I was doing homework until 11:30 and I didn't even procrastinate!! :O Anyways, I've fallen into another pit erm I mean fandom... My friend made me listen to TØP and now I'm slightly obsessed. Nothing will ever be as good as MCR though!! Alright I'm gonna go do homework now, talk to you all later!


I don't know why, but for some reason my comments have been posting doubly as of late. It's really annoying to me and I'm definitely not doing it on purpose. Sorry if this has confused or bothered anyone! I'm trying to figure it out. Please bear with me.


hi c:

i'm new on here! but HELLO EVERYONE!