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i need some advise... from someone marrried or engaged

im 24 and ive been in this relationship off and on for 3 years. weve been through so much so many ups and downs but now were engaged and its a whole new world.

but what my thought is why is it that i have these moments where were deeply kissing and i should be just completly passionate about it but im not?
it just feels like a normal kiss or even like im being smothered i just dont get it.

please message me with advise i really dont understand these feelings

Comments and Replies

Over time I have gotten comments on my post and I don't really respond. But there's good reason. I love talking with everyone on here but I don't know if the website tells you I have replied. So to everyone who has ever commented, especially recently, I really appreciate everything you have to say.


hey guys
Still in resi but dad expects I'll be out by the end of the week. I've been pretty meal compliant so I'm sure he's right
Good news - 9 days until my 18th birthday. 12 days until I get my 3/4 sleeve tattoo!
Mom's visiting me today.
I have to do my SAT practice test but it's so hard to focus... Especially on the reading section.
Group now.

Sup? Im new

Hi. My name is chloe. Im new to the site and just wanted to say sup. so... yeah. hi.

Moving on

This is my first post and I'm finally over my ex girlfriend but I really want to find a new girl that likes cuddles to talk to, so if your interested please give me a message. I like mcr, ptv and smashing pumpkins, I have long black floppy hair and I love cuddles