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i dont really know wat happens when i forget why i am doing things. i know i am doing them, i could make a guess based on logic about why i am doing them. i seem to suffer a lot of distortion when i cant figure out why tho. i have a very healthy perception of the ultimate reality. everything is in balance as it always was, no matter wat is put on the scales. it is almost completely automatic. bat when i cant remember why, then everything slips down the scaled into a huge ploppy mess and i feel sick in the head like something bad is going to happen.

time travel question

So this is me and my sister. I was very fucking stoned. Shes on stage, im on the floor in the white. So this is the first show I brought mr fleming to.
I just remember thinking that i myself was moving in slow motion. And when I left with him after the show, we walked across town on queen and I noticed that even the streetlights seems to be existing in a faster time than me. And they all turned into flowers and mushrooms as well as the headlights. And I believe someone started to hum the song from super mario bros.

I think g is my soul mate

You wanna know waaai? Ok, Ill tell you. I saw this video of him doing artwork for his comic books and, like, he totally drew pictures of my ex. Yeah. He drew a count dracula with a mummy with a superman. Yeah thats him bae! You hit high and Ill hit low!
Cause eeeeveryone who is or ever has been in toronto HATES my ex. At the last pantychrist show at the bovine, i ran into a native elder when i was out for a smoke and she was like
Hey sweetie! Yeah, I know! I hate him. We all hate him.

you know your right

I gotta post this before I forget. I tend to forget this. First of all, NEVER DO THIS.
I just got out of a bad break up. Almost, two years ago-go. And the manifestation of the trauma is, every FUCKING MORNING, i forget my bottle of herbs somewhere. The herbs that make it all better and that I carry with my twenty four hours a day. "Of course!"
And as this kitten sits in the box again, she gets scared and attacks every living thing around her, animate and inanimate. And woe to the bitch that asks me if I am alright. *crying* Yhea, sure, Im wonderful. Do you need--? No. Im FINE.

ive been changing a lot lately

finding out i have such a bad drinking problem bothers me so much but things can change i know it