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Curious about Sleep

Well..I fell for their trailer and had to look up the band because all the hype breaking my golden rule of not listing to bands that have stopped as it saddens me. Anyway, my favorite song, "Sleep" is about Gerard's experience in a haunted mansion recording Black Parade. Is the recording in the song from an actual recording of Gerard's experience? if so can someone help me find it?

Losing My Post Virginity

I have literally been here since 2010 and have never made a blog post. So, here it is. All I've ever really done on here is order copious amounts of merch.


I don't get why some people are upset about the news. We KNOW they're all busy. We KNOW they won't reunite as a band together. So UNTIL they physically say the magic words, you shouldn't jump to conclusions. That's some words to live by. Alright crash queens, don't be a stray tumbleweed.
- xoxo J


People are saying that mcr are getting back together is this true

Is it true

A lot of people have been saying that mcr are getting back together is it true or just a timer cause if they are then that is so amazing and it would make a lot of people happy so is it true or not