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So Long and Goodnight

His name is Tyler. You all need to know his story. Tyler took his life on December 17, 2012. He was my first love, my high school sweetheart. As I continue down life's path I keep Tyler with me. It isn't fair that he will never experience the things I still am. He loved MCR. We both did. So long and goodnight has a endless depth to me. It can't be explained. Suicide awareness needs to be spread. Silence is the killer. It can happen anywhere anytime to anyone. I still have his MCR shirts. And when any my Chem song comes on its hard to keep my composure. I can almost hear him singing.

Ahm... Hi?

Ahm... Hey guys! Well, my name is Maria and I'm new but no new here. Yes, that sounds crazy I know, but it's true. I always come here since I stared to listen MCR almost a year ago but I've never created an account Idk why but yeah, now I'm here :)
Idk what to say so I'm gonna start saying how I stared to listen the 'idea'. I remember I was doing my history homework while I was listening music and I wanted to hear new music so Teenagers appears and it just was likeo"OMG!

Back to the begining

Going back to residential care tomorrow or Friday.
Really upset at myself for having to go back.
I got through resi, partial, and only had two more days of IOP before discharge. And now I'm going back to the beginning. My clinition said I can pick up where I left of though, so that's good. And he says he expects it'll be shorter than my last stay (3.5 weeks) and the staff there are really nice. But I really wish I didn't have to go...
I'll try to blog but I can't make any promises

High School (Part 2)

Reflecting on my first day of hell, it wasn't that bad. Sure I hate most of the people in my classes, and are quite frankly scared of others it wasn't bad. Hopefully tomorrow is going to be better, since I have an art class, which I hopefully didn't lose my ability to draw decently over the summer. The halls are maze-like and the kids in them just make it worse. The best part of the day was probably my study hall, where I just listened to Hesitant Alien and Nothing Above Nothing Below

I want grapes!

After like 3 months of having minimal appetite, well, my appetite has returned over the last two days ...

AND THERE'S NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE! wahhhhh!!!! :( Yes, the only thing is meat, meat, meat. And, ok, while I am fine with a little meat, I NEED my fruits and veggies too!...(actually, now that I'm writing this, i realize there are a few cans of beans. oops! ...but I mean, I need my GREENs, and like carrots, potatoes...)

and I want grapes! ;)

that is all.

haha just kidding. ok, well, not really.