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A quick-ish blog

So, how's everyone been doing and all that? Good? Good, then we'll skip the formalities haha.

I've been getting close to a couple of people over time in my new class and that feels pretty good. I cut my hair super short recently and Im really proud about how it turned out. I have two friends with the same name but with completely different personalities: one of them is a shy potterhead hufflepuff and the other one is a troye sivan/halsey/other singers/green day and 1D enthusiast!

its been so long!!!

Hey killjoys,

It's been so long since i have posted and i just want to know how everyone is coping with life challenges. i know that life is so difficult and that there is always something trying to knock you down but i also know that you can jump back up and never give in. life is tough but you are much stronger and keep up hope because rain doesn't last forever.

keep running my fabulous killjoys,

xxxxx Hannah

The things I love about being British...

Here is a quick list of things that... well you read the title!

1) The Sunday Dinners. Basically a thanksgiving dinner every sunday. Got to love it.

2) Being cold all of the time. I don't know what it is, but I love being cold... Im weird.

3) The Cereal! I know other countries have much more sugary cereals but damn I cant get enough of shreddies.

4) The music... Some of the british rock that appears is phenomenal. (go listen to the band 'Catfish and the Bottlemen')

5) The accent.

Well this is depressing

You know the seasonal depression thing? Well it's the dead of fall and I'm definitely feeling it. Winter and spring make me feel super happy, but summer and fall for me just feels like everything gets so much slower. Like nothing happens and I'm stuck in a little hole for a few months. Except for the clown thing, I don't know what in the world started that crap. Why is this, of all things, have to start?

Good Christ.

phase is coming to an end

I feel it coming.... dun dun dun!

I have just bought a wardrobe of new clothes that are much more colourful and non emo than my older clothes. My music taste is slowly transforming from MCR BVB and A7X to twenty one pilots and the disney soundtrack. In a week im going on holiday to Lanzarote which will be very nice and warm meaning that I can ditch the skinny jeans after 3 years. Despite all of this, I feel like I am changing slowly as a person. I have become more happier. I have made new friends and formed a band in college. I feel myself being nicer to people.