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things have changed and that's (not) okay

ok so i'm back after a little bit because i swear no matter what i do i always have something to talk about and that just pulls me back to this website. it's like a hug of people you don't know. it's nice. i love it.
honestly today's topic is fairly boring but i guess i just need it off my chest like basically all these blogs. i swear i'm going to regret these one day but that day is not today so let's get down to business.
now excuse my weird circles for a while cause i know i'm going to get caught up in my words cause i'm stuck.
so you know how that panic!

Sub Complications and Unknown Oddyeseys

Well there's a girl at work that I really like and have a crush on. Her name is Burgundy and she is 19.
But that's the problem, is that too young? I mean she's really nice and we like the same things, but I'm scared to ask her out because of her age.

But then there is another girl named Taylor who is 21 but she's a Single Mom. So I'm not too crazy about that. Also I've been looking on a few sites that I'm on but haven't had much luck.

It seems every time I start to talk to some one they forget about me.


Even my best friend Andrea has forgotten about me.

Wow I haven't been on in a month

TW: Eating Disorder, possible hospitalizations

hey guys
I've been offline for a while now! sorry about that. things have just been pretty crazy over here....
I mentioned getting a job in my last blog, at the farm. I had to quit last weekend. It was took me two hours to eat breakfast. My disorder is controlling my life...
Met with my clinician. He said I've lost weight this week and if I don't start gaining by Friday, I'm going inpatient to Alcott. That's where they tube you if you don't finish meals.


W E L C O M E_

Today's mood: Swollen.

Today's favorite song: 'Addict with a Pen' by Twenty One Pilots

Today's read: 'Kenzuke's Kingdom' by Micheal Morpurgo

The Story: Hello there fellow bloggers, Today I have to tell you of a show that you should definetly watch. The show is called 'Black mirror'. The Show is on netflix and consists of short stories that deal with societies problems. I really cannot begin to tell you how great this show is. I am already caught up to date and have to wait like a year for the next season.


well, I think Parachutes is what brought me here, I think. I stayed up 'till past midnight to listen. (I still can't believe everything is released digitally and online these days. It's nice though!) Yeah, I listened to it all. I REALLY liked a few songs. I will definitely be listening again.

And, as I have been saying all year, I can't wait to hear Ray's new stuff! Oh! there was a spectacular interview I read the other day. (I just love Ray! Well, I love them all, but let's give Ray some special love righ tnow. ;) )

Um, what else?