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(pete wentz screaming in the distance)

Kill joy, Sinner, Youngblood (or whatever the hell fall out boy fans are called now, who keeps track) I really miss MCR


Well Hello my friends.. :D I just wanted to say thank you.. Thank you for making my life better and brighter when it´s shitty like today.. :D Thank you for great comments, funny stories and anything.. I don´t usually write here a lot about me because it´s mostly depressing.. But I love going here and read your posts.. so thank you.. you made my day today.. :D :D

My problems in a wordy thing.

Crushing is hard.
It feels like being crushed.
Huh. It feels like I am being led to believe fiction.
Does she like me?
I'm like the room behind a locked door.
No one will see me until the break through the layer of concrete that is my confidence.
Do I tell her?
Do I?
No, you are being stupid. Of course she would say no.
Oh. I'm broken. I'm not good enough.
I am good for the words my blistered hands type to this screen.
This whole text has been backspaced upon countless times now.
Much like my attempts on her. I back out. I shut down. I feel disgusted.
I like her.
I need to do it.
So long.

Warped tour

I really want to go to warped tour but Idk how to talk my parents into taking me

New, but not at all

Hi! I used to came here and read everybody´s blog but I never singed in (until now). Why? I really don't know, I never feelt the urge of talk about me things I love and stuff like that... I always listen, but I think is time for me to start talking, even if is not constantly or is just something stucked in my head.