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it is not dead

it only looks that way ;)


I really loved this group back from black parade album. I was a TRL fan. I have not been following this type of music for several years. I am into trance and electronic now. But I wanted to remember these songs since Im organizing my music today!. I even have videos from TRL in 2005.

I dont know the nonsense accusments for the group. I think its funny. I really like their music, they are not depressing at all. I like them, and well they are not emo... it is also bs.

I was sad that theyre apart. Now Im happy theyre getting back together :)


2 years has gone so fast yet all of the Killjoys are more commited than ever. Keep running and stray strong Killjoys:3

a funny thing

I just want to say that in some parts of Europe the day 22 just began.It´s still 22 for me :)
I don´t know wkat to do today.Who wrote keep running on wrist?

We´ll carry on,killjoys,don´t cry today :)

the rumors

I know there are a lot of rumors going around and the one thing I'm worried about is what if Gerard was honest when he said no more Mikey? But Mikey got out his old black papade outfit so idk...