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To old to be like this

So, I'm happier than I was yrs ago. I have grown, I have met my wife to be, I have moved out and moved away. I have done alot. I hold down a full time job, I pay all my bills on time. I am planning a wedding next yr September 2nd and I am super excited.
My ignorant stupid grandmother is getting in the way. She doesn't approve. She is Muslim and I am gay. My grandfather is cool with it all, so I don't know why she can't just let it go. Everyone else in my family is chill.
My mum is English and my dad is from the Turkish side of Cyprus. But he is as English as they come.

bored? alone? read...

Hello :)
it´s been a fricking long time again.. :D Well I go here mostly to mentaly support myself.. I´m not feeling myself these days.. it´s hard to explain and it would take a long time so I won´t write it here. but I was feeling kinda lonely these days. and as an awkward human being trying to avoid all social situations (if you don´t relate.. great!

Brain dump

I feel like I am moving forward emotionally but also slowly regressing back to a bad time in my life..
I had a year of happiness. Now this year comes and slaps me upside the face. Why. Why. Things are going okay with my friends and my classes are all easy as hell. I think I'm just looking for excuses to be sad. It's so irritating, I don't feel like I have any reason to be sad when I know I do but I can't be because of expectations people have for me.. like, I feel as if I can't be sad or else people can't deal with it, I understand why.

I'm not okay....

I'm at school today and I'd kinda screwed up a little at math hehehehe.....