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I am a licensed driver!!

Yay! I passed my drivers test today. I am so excited. I can't believe it!! I can drive where ever I want now, aah! I thought I would fail but I didn't, I got 11/14 and you needed 9 to pass. It was my first time too. I just need to remember to not brake as hard, he said I made hard stops and didn't stop at the line a couple times. He also said I need to signal when backing up but I don't understand how, I turned on my turn signal to go over and park then backed up and signaled to get back out. Am I supposed to get out of the car and scream "YO I'M BACKING UP GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY"??

Here Goes Nothing...

Here is the product of my little self journey. Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, and please enjoy. I literally put my sweat and tears into these lyrics.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present project Ryan.

(1). As our swords break, and our sheilds shatter, I'm Looking in your eyes, wonderin' 'why it ever Happened?'.

(2). Mother? Why'd you have to cry? Say 'fuck it' like me and laugh at Death in the face.

(3). Not now. Not ever. I'm never here... And who is to blame?

(4). The plane crash was the awful kind of fun.

(5). Kill me. Not really I bought the gun for you :).

(6). I cradle your

My little Project

Hey creative elves,
Being a guitarist I tend to right alot of music. For the past 20 Weeks I decided to push myself to write a song a week to see what happens. Tomorrow I will be posting my favourite lyric from each song.
This was merely an experiment for me only. These songs will not be played by me in the near future again. I wanted to see where my mind would take me. I have been having a pretty rough time at home and I haven't been having the best time sitting in my own head (you can probably tell this from my recent posts). Keep an eye open for my post tomorrow and please enjoy!

Here is


I got the Bullets CD and a DD CD from Japan that comes with Zero Percent! I'm so excited, I found them both on eBay for surprisingly cheap. Bullets was only $39! (I guess that's not cheap for a CD, but cheap for Bullets.) And DD was around $20 I think. Now I have all the albums on CD! (Minus LOTMS and TBPID.)

School starts on Thursday for me so these babies will be on repeat until then. :D

Has anyone heard from XxstraightjacketxX?

She's a friend of mine and used to be all the time, just concerned cause we lost touch. lmk ...thanks.