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Okay, so i've had a shitty week. I'm failing math, I have a sore throat, and a stuffy nose, i'm practically dead. I've had a lot of disagreements with people lately...Its not going to well. I could hardly sleep last night because of my anxiety about a test I took today (which I failed...) So yeah. It was about 11 last night I was crying and I couldnt keep myself together. SO! Then i started thinking about mcr and all the stuff happening...and then out of no where I REMEMBERED! MCRX!


so im listening to the album now... it almost feels like a brand new album was released and a tour is on the way. But sadly thats not the case. I havent felt the happiness of my favorite band releasing an album or a song in... well, for as long as i can remember. I have a marching band competition tomorrow (to see a marching band pffff) and like half of us love this band or at least have heard BP, so a lot of us are probably gonna be playing this album on the way there


I'm so so happy, every track is beautiful in it's own way.

What's your guy's favorite? Mine has to be All The Angels.


For today being the MCRX release day, this site is pretty quiet. It's kinda scary. Twitter is freaking out though.....Hope everyone enjoyed today!


happy mcrx day!

Yeah, that's all I have to say.