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We have fun

I went on twitter and saw that my best (and, well only) had left these 3 tweets:
"I'm sorry"
" I love you, I hope you know that."
I FLIPPED out. Literally I had a panic attack and started crying because I thought she was gone forever. It was like one of my nightmares come to life. That lasted about 10 minutes. She's fine.
So yeah, that was fun...

Song of the day: Unbreakable (I.J.M.A) - Aiden
It's about a friend they lost. The lyrics are really wonderful.

So now your pictures worth a thousand words,
you meant so much to me it hurts.
This tattoo on my wrist,
this feeling cant be

Fuck XD

Firstly I had back pain, which really sucks and I was already by a doc which said that I had a little Scoliosis
And now I just find out that I missed the LiveChat/Stream from Jared Leto as always :( Damnit

Spreading The Love


Spreading The Love

Hey guys...I've been following MCR since I was 11. I'm 18 now and pursuing a music career BECAUSE of these five guys. They are my inspiration and I know I have counted on MCR fans in the past to get me through so I am counting on you now. I wrote this song when I was going through a hard time and MCR helped me through. They continue to help me through and inspire me.

If you loved MCR as much as I did, please help a fellow fan and follow the link to my first single. I want to spread the same Love in my music that MCR did throughout the years.

Thank you guys, I consider each one of you one of