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Come on Killjoys, vote for Frank !

So everybody should vote for Frankie, 'cause we all know he deserves it :)

morning thoughs

recently, I've been very aggressive. i'm just now realizing the damage people did to me when they told me i was no good, and the damage i did to myself when i told myself it was true.

i decided that i'm gonna love myself. those people can go... somewhere less nice.

i think i might need therapy....


Okay so i decided to log in here again.Just seeing this site breaks my heart because I really miss MCR.MCR is a really big part of my life.They shaped me into the person who I am today and I don't know what I would be today without them. I just really miss them.

I was listening to The Black Parade this afternoon and it brought me all the memories I have. I really had the best childhood thanks to them.

ughhh i just...
really miss them.
No one will understand how much MCR was a big part of my life.