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I hate being rejected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( :(

So I posted earlier that I was going to ask a friend/ a girl I liked out to homecoming. I knew today was a bad day to ask her out. She walked off last Friday to go get food/ go to a friends house. She didn't tell anyone she was going any where. Oh we colorgurd girls were getting ready for the football game. It's part of marching band. But any ways, she was drinking water and said she feel dizzy. She was drugged. Someone that didn't liked her put the drug in it. She came back with a bloddy nose and bruses. She feel down some stairs. Evey one got scared.

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance
They make me sing and cry
The words of "Cancer" crowd my mind
I sing along to every song
They understand how messed up I am
It makes me feel like others understand
They will always be the one for me
They will live on with me
Gerard's voice carry's me
Off to a happy place to be.
I often wonder how they came to be
So understanding and as messed up as me.
We're not so different
And I know others can
See just how special this band can be.
They give me hope
When all I want to do is mope.
They breath life into me
And make me see
That MCR saved

help please!!!

hey guys i bought conventional weapons number 4 and 5 but is´t at the web store and i can´t redeem my codes, and i don´t know where, can someone help me please?

I have new friends but i miss the old ones

A couple of months ago a got into highschool, its great and I have a lot of new friends, but I really miss the old ones, they are to me like my brothers and sisters, I really miss them soo much :(