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Coffee is life just saying

Hello MCRmy! I realise I haven't been very active lately but things have been bad oh well! Whilst I haven't been active I've discovered the wonders of coffee. It is the best thing ever like oh my god. I've found myself drinking it south it's not even funny. It makes me really happy. Is that weird? I don't care I love coffe xD I've replaced most of my snacks with coffee is that bad? Oh well! I have so much more energy ( that's the caffeine speaking) but its making me feel better emotionally. The wonders of coffee eh? This was just a completely pointless post so don't judge.
Stay strong you

Spirit week... day 2

i made a crown and walked around with it on the whole day.

of course people made fun of me... but i don't GIVE A FUCK!

i'm my inspiration... and i'm proud of the person that i am now, which is why i'm my favorite person.



i started a band this week so i'm a little busy :P We have a band name and shit but i dont to spam. so today kinda sucked cause i found out they're going to knock me out to fuck with my teeth (damn dentist). I might see you me at six this friday if my dad says yes though so i'm hoping. I am no longer failing any classes either so thats nice so today wasnt too bad c: Oh and just to throw it out there the band a skylit drive is da bomb dot com yo. thats all today :p

the best band ever

ok so basically, i love mcr. they are awesome, and i really hope they get back together! they are the best thing that has happened to me, and they put me in a great mood. Just hope that gerard, frankie, mikey and ray get back together!!!

Vampire Parader

dumping my thoughts

So right now I'm wrapped in about 2839333 blankets, because it is freezing in my house and I'm having some Mac and cheese, typing this blog, while listening to Shane Dawson's new podcast. AND OH FUCK HEART BURN I AM EATING TOO FAST. Well, while I'm in the middle of having a heart burn, I figured I'd just dump some of my thoughts. First thing's first, I got pokemon black version 2, and it is amazing! My friends are telling me that I should've waited for X and Y, but unfortunately, I don't have a 3ds Dx.