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tHIS bEST nOT bE a jOKE!

i sWEAR tO gOD. iF tHIS iS a jOKE tHEY aRE tRYING tO pULL. i aM gOING tO cRY mY eYES oUT. sO iF iT iS sTAPH. iTS nOT nICE!
i aM nOT oKAY


What is going on I don't know whether to be excited and cry or believe its a hacker and cry but either way I'M GONNA CRY IM DISCOMBOBULATED AND SCARED AND EXCITED HELP

ALSO my ex bf is being a stalker and a dick


I think we all need to take a deep breath, and hope for the best. Let's just try not to get worked up. But trust me, I'm really really hoping too. And please don't be bugging the guys about this. They'll say something when it's time. It's wonderful to see everyone coming together though.

Oh Dear! (^0^)

Please tell me this is true!