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How is everyone doing?

I'm sad

I need new friends

site related dream

last night I had a dream that I was hanging out with BrokenUp and we went on the site and the messenger was working again and you could post pictures with your blog again and we cried and hugged each other a lot because we were so happy. Then we went to Target.
I miss the messenger system so much, I've tried emailing WB and commenting on their blogs and everything but I guess they're too busy for us...

im your sideshow

for when you get bord with your game or online friends ill be here.
when you want cuddles or kisses ill be here
when you want to get your face out of the computer ill be here

yeah i may be your sideshow or second choice
but no matter what thoughts go through my mind
ill be here


i need some advise... from someone marrried or engaged

im 24 and ive been in this relationship off and on for 3 years. weve been through so much so many ups and downs but now were engaged and its a whole new world.

but what my thought is why is it that i have these moments where were deeply kissing and i should be just completly passionate about it but im not?
it just feels like a normal kiss or even like im being smothered i just dont get it.

please message me with advise i really dont understand these feelings