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Band breakup Tweet was deleted

Shit's getting real- unless someone can confirm there never was a breakup tweet on their official Twitter... I'm confirming it has been deleted. They run from Feb 2013 to Jan 2014. Kinda losing it here.

i am crying tears

if there's a tour or something, anything, actually, i will weep real jesus tears


I feel like the most realistic theory is a re-release of Black Parade for the ten year anniversary (I've already seen a couple of posts discussing the "X", and the likelihood that it is the Roman numeral for 10, referencing TBP's anniversary). But I can't stop myself from hoping for a reunion tour. Even if it's only a one time deal. Even if that doesn't happen, I'm so happy to see everyone coming alive again.


this video brought me a lot of questions in my head, especially this date
what does that mean?
new record?
new song?
a reunion?
goodbye tour?
or just the anniversary of the album, but isnt this a bit too much for just an anniversary i mean changing profil pic and this video?

oh and this x
mcrx? means what? what does this x stand for?

well this gives me a tiny hope of something good.....ill keep hoping!!!