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I cant' wait to hear all the tracks!! Not gonna lie, I'm gonna be happy crying like a baby. I joined the fandom pretty late, so I haven't experienced an MCR release before. What song is everyone most excited for on MCRX? Tell me in the comments!

For me, I'm probably most excited for All The Angels. It sounds hella cool.

im trying poetry... am i cool now?

memories to be forgotten
music to be erased
im making sure you left with no trace.

look how ridiculous this has gotten
maybe im overreacting
but youre just so distracting


My messages work!!??!?!?!?!? Thank you to the people who messaged me. Wow. I never thought I'd write this post. :)

So I guess feel free to message me with whatever you want to say!


tying up things...woah this might be long, hopefully not too long

Ok well gee! We are getting a lot ofposters lately, that's great! But it means I had better tie this up quicklythen. So, if you read my last post, well I mentioned how upset I was about this friend , or "friend" said something hurtful.

Im cool enough for School

sitting in study hall.
things are alright.
it's going to be alright