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W E L C O M E_

Today's mood: Sad then Happy

Today's favorite song: 'Stayin' Alive' by The Bee Gees

Today's read: I havent read today sowwy :(

The Story: Well today has been eventful. I have no strength to explain it. But someone was there for me and I thank her till the end. She is a very sweet girl who I have talked to most of the night and I enjoy looking forward to speaking to her again. Sprry again my dudes

The 'fun' fact about me: I like a mighty plethora of of music from rock to jazz, Dubstep to funk.

Nice encounters, happy memories and morning chills


Green Day

My mom was gonna take me to a Green Day concert but the closest one WAS in Detroit and she had work that day

Prayers to the emo gods

Please please please make this day go by fast. I just got here and I already want to leave.
Can I pretend like my computer went crazy and deleted all of my assignments? Would you be nice enough to make them believe me?
Can you get both cough cough and cough cough cough to stop looking at me? I am really not in the mood.
If you would be so kind, please I am begging you, give me a miracle and give me all 100s on everything I have to turn in?
Make America gay again?
And give me the motivation to not break down and cry in front of everyone?
Thx babes that would mean a lot.
in the name of MCR

moi studi

*i am not a hypocrite*
So, a funny thing happened in hell. Now, you see, I was studying nursing, you see. Thus, hell. Ppl say I looked really good doing that, which is some comfort. Bras were always too small, you see. Tattoos were ethical and beautiful. And dont touch my spikes or spirals, or i stab you with somefing. Now, my last official placement was on the dementia unit, or "Senior Mental Health Behavioural Unit" Harbour North 1 yall! I had to do a quality improvement study in pbl (problem based learning, later renamed pbl/pbl, problem based learning/people!