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Uneventful Day + Merch Talk + Useless Rant

Hello everyone, I'm back as usual. Today was pretty uneventful compared to yesterday, and I didn't do much else besides playing League with my friends (we had a tournament yesterday and today but since we lost all of our games today we're officially out of the tournament so... ah well) and going out to church with my mom. She's pretty serious when it comes to religion but I almost fell asleep during the sermon... Also, I was going to get my BP shirt today but the store was closed.

Randomness/Other bands

Hi again killjoys, sorry I haven't posted in a bit. To be frank, I haven't had much to talk about lately! I've decided to stick to commenting on other user's posts instead of posting everyday, so you'll probably be seeing less blogs from me from now on.

I've been listening to Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge more and more, and it's really grown on me. At first I didn't love it, but I think it's safe to say that it's officially my new favourite MCR album! Black Parade is still a close second though.

Anyone know why MCR didn't get sued for considering The End is blatantly Five Years by David Bowie?

Hi Everyone,

New to the site so this my first post. I'm making a concept album much in the same vein of the morbidity and angst as heard on the Black Parade. In the intro to my rock opera for about a minute I do a variation on a theme by a Japanese composer. Most people wouldn't notice a similarity at all but the potential remains for the association to be drawn.

I wasn't planning on making the album commercial but the possibility is always there since the few professional recordings of songs I've written received killer feedback.

Me being nice for once

The title is cheesy af but basically as maybe you know if you read my blog about "pizza and surprises" I am in Paris right now. Everywhere you go, you'll find homeless people begging for money. Obviously I don't have enough money to give to everyone however I saw a lady on the floor with her son who was about 3 or 4 years old, I decided I'd give them some money. The lady said thank you and in the boy said he wanted to eat, pointing to our cups of Starbucks that my cousin and I had in our hands.

Coping Cards

I know I just posted a blog but check it out!
BAM! I made a youtube video about this super cool, super effective coping stratagy I used! Hoping some of you who have a hard time could use it to! It's called coping cards and is all explained in the video I made and linked! Enjoy my little lovies :)