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Have you.....

Have you guys ever heard of My Digital Escape?

favourite mcr song?

This morning I got a message from a friend from school, I've never been really close with her but I always thought that there was something cool about her even though a lot of people avoided her. I found out that she likes FOB and MCR as well as Phan which is really cool because that's most of my favourites into one. The message said "I'm listening to I'm not okay on repeat" which is really cool tbh I love that song and it's a song that I can relate to but anyways I replied with "I feel you" and she asked me what my fav MCR song.

I honestly couldn't pick a favourite, all of their songs are

Tøp drama/School/Positivity

So as you guys have probably noticed, I try and be as positive as possible when posting on this site (hence the smiley faces on a lot of my posts) no matter my mood (you know what they say, fake it till you make it lol). Lately I've been going through some stuff that's made it a little harder to be upbeat, so if I'm more inactive than usual on here, it's probably because I'm in a bad mood. (I like to stay offline if I'm in a particularly unhappy mood, as to not spread too much negativity and all that). I'll probably still be on here sometimes to comment though!

I Wish

I really wish that I could have heard of My Chemical Romance sooner because I LOVE it. I've been through a lot and I can really relate to the music in a lot of ways and I really like how there are songs that make you feel like you can do anything but there are also songs that actually ( I'm gonna sound like a baby for saying this but its true ) make me cry. Its true that you really do start to understand what the words really mean when your heart starts to break.