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it has been 84 years

holy shit i cant believe this thing still exists im just

Well I don't know if I should be happy or not

Now if you read my older blogs you will see that I talk about my crush often. Well my crush has a cousin and they are best friends. Now his cousin is in my DT class. I'll call his cousin J just to make it easier to talk about. So today walking into DT, J was walking Infront of me towards the queue of students waiting to go into class. He went to my two friends, erm, B and Jh and had a rant that he has nearly every week with them about how they always talk but don't go out.


Hello :-) How is everyone ?

i wish mcr would reform

i wish my chemical romance would reform and come back i miss them so much

Why do all the tests have to be around the same time?

I have to study for science, maths, English, drama, French and a couple of other weak tests but many of there are really important because they are for my GCSEs and some are like 30% of my grade. Some are mocks, some are official and some are just to test how much I know. IT'S ANNOYING! I guess it gets them all over and done with but still I have a rubbish memory and I can't remember things that I study because it just doesn't sink in.