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Ok so update: I finally got my book about 9 days ago and really cool. This week is competition week at band and we still have to learn and set the last half of the last part and pass offs suck. It's going to be very stressful. Speaking of stress, Mikey's birthday was yesterday and it looked like he had a good time but all I was doing was watching 9/11 documentaries and I couldn't help imagining how it felt to turn 19 and then having this tragedy happen just hours later. This brings me to today.

status update or, i can't get a job and i'm dying because of it.

it's definitely been awhile since i logged on here. at least it feels like a while for me. it's been about 6 weeks i think.

so i've been at home for that long.

i'm actually kind of gonna use this as a writing exercise, i've kind of bitten of more than i can chew and asked to submit an article on traditional culture and queer identity in Nigeria to this great blog. and i'm writing some articles for editorial internship applications that may come up. a lecturer that my parents know is looking over them for me. so, in theory, i'm quite busy. but i'm not actually enacting any of that.

Feel like a crazy person

I'm not typically an open person
I have DID
I'm not always myself
I'm not always Cherise

Yes that is my name
But there's so many parts
Who can comprehend this?
Like having multiple hearts

I wish I knew myself
The way he knows me
I wish I knew myself
I wish I could see


I'm New here.

I have been a fan of MCR for about 6 years now and I just made a new account on here. I will probably be posting blogs a lot from now on. If you want to talk or be friends just send me a message!

I'm Sick :(

I don't know where or how or why but I caught a terrible cold. Yesterday at the end of the school day my throat started to hurt and today my throat is killing me, my nose is stuffy, and my ears are plugged. So, I'm loaded up on medicine and lying in bed wondering whether or not it would be ok if I took another cough drop (the package says take one every two hours but they wear off in a about a half hour). But, I'm not complaining, this at least gives me an excuse to lay in bed and do nothing haha.