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Wow, I'm very repetitive

There is something I'm desperate to talk about but I don't want to get strangers online involved. I feel like if I tell anyone, it should be either the person involved or one of my friends at school because they would be better to sort this out. It's not anything bad so don't worry. It's also not anything you would be able to think up do don't try to guess what I'm on about. Anyway, onto the blog (that may be very short because not much has happened).

I got invited to a birthday party in October. It is a big deal because the person literally invited over 100 random people on Facebook.

Looking Forward To The Black Parade Special Edition

I can't wait for the special edition to drop. Especially the unreleased demos! My friend told me he heard it was due to be released soon so i thought i would drop by. And what do you know, i only have to wait less than a week! :D

Though i do have to wait til i get paid (bills bills bills at the moment), i know what il be rocking out to for the next year! Im just listening to I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love now, it never gets old on me.

You guys rock, best of luck!


Overwhelmingly happy

I'm so happy in so many ways but my own.... So many parts of me are happy in such the big or small way but what makes me happy I can't do.... I mean I could but everyone would worry again and I don't want that so I'll stay quiet as always and let them be happy


Comics and video games

Hey guys! So today was quite a boring day, to be honest. I slept at dad's yesterday and at 10 in the morning we were at home (meaning, at mum's) because he had to be at a wedding. He said something very weird to me in the car on the way back, he said something along the lines of "don't be surprised if you have a sibling from our side" meaning his girlfriend is probably pregnant or they are planning to have a baby in the future. It's quite exciting news, I just think it's kind of weird, I don't know man.

Idk what to call this, just go with it. (aka my thought on life and the world.)

(i wrote this and i know its every where and all, but.. yeah. i know its long, sorry about that but i basically is something i wrote after having dumb idiot thoughts.)

Life is strange. It tend to lead you in all sort of different situations, both good or bad (depending on the day). Why am i writing this?

Cause I was thinking on my own life.

Now i wont get into to much detail, but (like everyone) i have had ups in my life and downs. I've seen thing that none of you can experience cause they are my own, yet we can always have similar thing happen in are life.