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I no longer have any full days at school...
I'm slowly morphing into an adult


So Mr Brendan Urie has just made history again with the 'don't threaten me with a good time' video and I was scrolling through the comments and seriously I think that video has the greatest selection of comments ever xD -Dies with laughter-

-Changes song to nine in the afternoon- So I have quite a bit to talk about with you guys so lets begin:

1) School officially sucks (a heck of a lot) My cousin Jake left school on Friday and he keeps taunting me with his recent load of freedom ;-;

2) I have Mock exams in July which i am so not ready for ;-; someone please kidnap me thank youuu

3) My

Viruses Suck

I just got done with doing a factory restore on my laptop that two 2 FREAKING HOURS. Why? you may ask, well lemme tell you. I tried to download a video editor, but it ended up downloading a crap ton of other stuff and it causes soo many pop ups. Now I have to redownload skype, spotify, etc. How fun -_-

I need a friend!

Hallo, people of the human world :P it's been years I've posted something on this site xD wow, time passed, sure did!

I just wanted to ask if there's someone out there who'd like to help me translate mcr's lyrics in spanish: I need someone from the USA specificly so I can ask for some phrases I don't quite get or make me doubt while i'm translating. No need to know Spanish!

That's all, folks, I really really hope I can make an friend from the USA who loves mcr as well as me :)

Please write a comment here or add me directly on Facebook: Laura Morgenstern (send me a message before or I won't

Final Exams

I got done with my second exam today. That means only 3 more to go: algebra, earth science, and french. The first two i did were the english and the global ones. The global one i did today was pretty easy, but the english exam had a really long essay and... yeah. I think im gonna do good on everything else except the algebra one. Im probably gonna fail tbh. Ive never been all that good at things like algebra, but im gonna have to be good at it if i wanna become an astronomer someday. At least im thinking of being in a band someday, so thats my second option for life.