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Spanish sucks

Almost everyone in my class is stupid... Like maybe 3 people are smart

back to reality (and a little update on everything that's been happening)

Hey! So yeah I have been gone for a while because this website wasn't working at Disneyland idk why and it was awful I swear I'm addicted to this site but yeah March 22nd .. ugh. I spent the day a little moody and I tried being happy but it was hard. My cousin mentioned something about a break up, it was a couple break up sort of thing and I ended up crying. I listened to Bullets and my family made fun of me for listening to that type of music but eh you know it wasn't a very good day and I had to try to have fun.


I'm really bored... Imma listen to some MCR and start MCRying

Just a quick summary of MCR...

Gerard is the queen of sass, princess fro fro is a Ray of sunshine, Frank is a lil killer human canvas, and Mikey believes in unicorns

Just a warning...

I only go on here once a day so I might not answer back right away, this is because I have no internet at home so I use my school's wifi