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Losing The Feeling Of Feeling Unique

Things have changed. And yet I still feel the same, but completely different nonetheless. I guess that's just growing up really. I don't know. Anyways it's good to know the community is still alive :)

DAY 18

W E L C O M E_

Today's mood: Excitement

Today's favorite song: 'Dragonborn' From The Elder scrolls V Skyrim Soundtrack

Today's Movie: Without a Paddle

Dream Journal: I met Marilyn Manson and It made me so happy but then I saw him rape a woman back stage as I had a vip pass. I dont really know what this dream means and I wish I didnt have it at all...

The Story: There is a christmas light turn on tomorrow and I am extremely excited to go and see it with S there is a little christmas village thing there as well where you can Ice skate and meet 'Santa'. It is gonna be fun.

The 'fun' fact

5 years later...

Does anyone still follow this blog??? If so message me, I want to talk to you guys!


So I have a friend who sits next to me in science class. Sometimes she asks me if she can copy my notes because she doesn't understand what we're doing in class, which I'm fine with, but last week we had a test, and she copied most of my answers without telling me. I don't really have a problem with this either, I know it's dishonest, but it's good to help out a friend, right?
Well we got the tests back today, and I got a lot of things wrong because I still haven't gotten a copy of the notes for the things that were on the test because I was absent.