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sorry ive been gone!

hey guys
sorry i havent posted in like a month!!! I've misssed you all so much <3
my friend salsa is sleeping next to me, we had a sleepover. I usally get up around 8 and she gets up around 12 so there's quite a gap.
Blood, if youre online ever, i know it's rough right now. i love you very much and will be sending hope your way.
hanging out with ace today
went to the beach yesterday. was a ton of fun!
thats about it. everything's kinda boring right now. im getting hunger ques again (that means feeling hungry) and I hate it cause it makes me feel like im losing.


I wish to document the trip of writing my e book. It could never come to anything, but if it performed, I wish to have the ability to look back within my starting place: at sixteen time old me starting my dreams. Section One is completed, and although it is not much, I am pleased with it.

I went to a Event at Walker Catalogs at the weekend, and it certainly encouraged me to keep writing my book. Hearing authors discussing their upcoming releases, my dream hit home. This is just what I wish to do- writing is my passion, and I wish to get it done for a full time income.


Everything couldn't become more perfect. Finally, she has a person who places her at the centre of these world. But in the future, things learn to change. Will starts off to regulate Anna in all respects, making her world close in: but can't even control his own obsession diety i odchudzanie.

It is diety the same as this the one that all teens need to read- it requires an issue that's not really discussed a whole lot, then converts it on it's mind, exploring it deeply.

summertime (pun intended)

So school is over and it's finally summer! I have some summer work to do but I have 3 months left and I need a break from exams now because I'm exhausted but anyway I ended on Friday and me and my friends went to a waterpark (the only waterpark in my country) and it was fun but I don't think I'm ever going there again tbh. It's way too dirty!

Also we were having so much fun going down the slides and laughing at each other's reactions and such and then it started raining and there was an awful storm!

So Long and Goodnight (possibly?)

Wow, it's been months since I've been on here. I've just finished reading some of my past blogs and have had a mini cringe session. But I'm also happy to say that I'm in a much better place than I was when I first joined this site. I've started swimming again, I'm playing guitar, and I finished exams without any problems. I still hit rough patches now and then, but everyone does sometimes, right? This may or may not be the last time I post a blog, depending on how I'm feeling throughout the summer.