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Why I am exceedingly emo today.

So, today I found Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, The Black Parade and Danger Days on eBay for the total cost of £10.34! (lol British) All three of them!!! I mean, I already have the virtual copies, but physical copies, oh man! Then, being the entirely broke nerd that I am, I went to ask my mum if she'd buy them for me as like an early birthday/Christmas present (my birthday's on the 16th of December which kinda sucks but oh well) and she literally just said, and I quote: "We''ll have to see what Father Christmas brings you." I'm not even kidding.


when you're tryna make an innocent entry and then you delete 2 paragraphs and it sTILL TRIGGERS THE SPAM FILTER so you just give up

Need To Get Some Stuff Out

Ok so this is a more personal post. I just need to let some stuff out.

Ace and I have been dating almost 6 months at this point. And to cut straight to the chase, I love him. I have for a while but hadn't really told him. So we're texting and in the conversation he tells me he loves me. I reply with "love you too" as that's both true and fits the conversation. The thing is, I was really hoping to say it in person. I really want him to understand how I feel and the best way to really communicate that is through words. The problem here is I don't see him much anymore.


We've got the rest of the week off from school because of Thanksgiving! I just bought The Umbrella Academy Dallas, so that should keep me busy for a bit. Other than that, my family is visiting so I get to see them, but if anyone else is vegetarian then you know the struggle of Thanksgiving dinner. So, I hope all you Americans have an amazing Thanksgiving! Are any of you guys planning on going to the Fall Out Boy concert on March 6th or the Twenty One Pilots concert on June 21st?

(I tried signing off my posts the same way as Gerard but I realized mine would also be xoxo this is the best

Playing Famous Last Words (maybe)

My friend asked me to join his band recently and i kind of agreed .He sent me the setlist for a unpcominf performance for our school and then i requested a MCR song as well so he added Famous Last Words and ask me to be the singer ... I may die of excitement, happiness and nervousness.