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Hello, today I had marching band practice and we have this exercise thing called 'circuits' and it's a living hell during the whole process. Anyway, I was ready to Kermit. lol. Anyway is my favorite word. AnyWAY, yeah so during that I'm like ready to quit then just after it ends, I'm fine again. But I'm still dead. Ok so I'm so desperate for my book. And I guess that's it. The vmas were awesome. Beyoncé slayed. 10:28. Ok good night and don't let the vampires bite.

- xoxo J

First Day Of senior year

Today was the fist day of my last year of high school!
I drove into school for the first time on my own which was quite fun. Got there on time. Said hello to my friends and began welcoming new kids. There were pancakes in the commons (what we call the cafeteria/kitchen).
Then we had an all school community meeting. Jon gave a speech about how our school is a community. The principal, David, read a haiku (he always does, every weekly meeting.


So I'm working on an old fanfic that I kinda gave up on awhile back, its not smut or anything its about what happened before Bl/ind took over and about Grace's journey to save the Killjoys so I'll probably keep ya posted (5 chapters are done BTW)


It's been a very long and I'm going to make this quick because it's fucking 6am on Sunday technically and I have school tomorrow. (Sometimes technology does not help.) Anyway, just updates. My mcr book still isn't here. Some whole thing happened with the person who sent it and yeah. Marching band is going well and so is school. And that's it. Alright, don't be a stranger and watch out for the morning enemy.

- xoxo J