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In a word, the overall situation of uncertainty, a quasi top players are likely to become thebeneficiaries of infighting, but whether they who eventually break, I will become the ball in the finalagainst Serena williams. (Wang Feng)
Zhang Ze at the beginning of this year's Australian Open through the qualifying impressive, but thendid not particularly outstanding achievements. After the June Prague, Nanchang two consecutivesemi-finals, his world ranking back into the top 200. He took part in a tournament in China in July,but in the semi final race.

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As practitioners and beneficiaries Chinese tennis "solo" policy, Li Na and a number of players on theChinese occupation Sports Road, the road is very China characteristics -- although the "solo", but still with the association has have all kinds of connections with contact, including money interests."Solo" policy at the time of the historical environment temporarily ease the contradiction betweenindividual and system, the lifting of the vast majority of bound Li Na, by virtue of their own effortsultimately proved the correctness of the occupation of the road.

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Video - Li Na said they would not show Feng Xiaogang to call off the photos: Li Na winning the firstAustralian Open champion
The world's first summit, Peng Shuai / Xie Shuwei got more attention. Last week in Indian Wells, said Li Na was pleased to see Peng Shuai become the first in <a href="">cheap jordan Shoes</a> the world doubles, and jokes that it will distract her attention and pressure, "Peng Shuai is now the world's first, I need to learn.

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At noon yesterday, the provincial Party Secretary Li Hongzhong, governor Wang Guosheng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee Zhang Changer in Wuhan, met with the Australian Open women's singles champion Li Na has just returned home and her husband Jiang Shan, and on behalf of the provincial Party committee, provincial government 800000 yuan reward Li Na.
Now the junior ranking improved, he can directly finalists race through the ranks, it is equivalent tohelp Chinese players won a seat.

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Review of the game, Li Na always play is not stable enough, in the face of his 6 consecutive victory over Czech player Safa Lo Va, her apparent lack of preparation, the first was "cut" a 1 to 6. Although Li Na after the game said humorously, "the first reason feel cold, the weather was also estimated isnot hot enough, but the state of the" terrible is the unavoidable reality.
This year is the best year for Li Na, but can not be defeated Serena williams. Li Na has four challenge Williams opportunities this year, was to be thrown into a panic when a gray.