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Li Na the ball out for a corner! Li Na 15-30 Li Na 3-0 Qi buerkewa Qi buerkewa
Hu Na: in fact,painting is not to say that such a journey in my life plan,in fact,is a chance for the surprise,suddenly one day I feel inspired,pick up the pen to start painting,a painting completely into the inside,can truly feel the joy and happiness in the process of drawing. I think this is the people,to do what you love to do,you will not feel tired,just like when I <a href="">Ray bans on sale</a> was young to play tennis,play is my most happy. 95978945

Li Na was back again make bottom line! Cibulkova save serve! Li Na was ahead 3-2!
Li Na a backhand nice winning points!!! Pick up another break point! <a href="">Cheap Ray bans</a> Li Na A-40 Li Na 0-0 Qi buerkewa Qi buerkewa
Peng Shuai and Stephens have had <a href="">oakley sunglasses Sale</a> two meetings,both on clay,winning is Peng Shuai. Charleston 2011 first round,Peng Shuai 6-2/6-1 win over the then young Stephens. Two years later,in the Belgian Brussels station 1/4 finals Peng Shuai 6-2/6-3 win again.
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Li Na came to the net,interception,the Cibulkova line crossing! Li Na 5-3 Cibulkova Li Na 6-6Cibulkova
It can be said,Li Na's retirement is called sports movies. Retired from 18 days to 19 days of micro-blog leaked,open letter determines retires,the 21 day and National Tennis Center in Beijing held aconference on 23 retired,open the Wu net game press conference and staged farewell ceremonyon Center Court,30 in the diamond stadium in the decommissioning ceremony. 31321353

Li Na returns to diagonal! Slow down! Li Na 30-30 Li Na 3-0 Qi buerkewa Qi buerkewa
This matter should not be delayed.,reporters at the fastest speed of <a href="">Cheap Michael Kors</a> reservation for flight CZ3343 to Guangzhou at twenty-three fifty. The plane was late,the reporter flights until the 27 day morning 1 when before take-off,arrived at the airport at two forty. Familiar with the airport,the reporter did notget out of the airport,but after a number of channels to the international terminal.
"I know because Li Nacai Wuhan." 93891108

Li Na is a lucky,trampoline suddenly hit fall in Qi buerkewa region! Li Na 40-15 Cibulkova Li Na 2-1Cibulkova
The women's singles second round Zheng Jie in three,he American potential star Keith,successfully into the women's singles third. Now in the women's doubles game,Szechuan partner is a New Zealand player Ella Covic,Zheng Jie doubles strength without much introduction,Ella'sbottom line work quite well,she and Zheng Jie a stick to the bottom line of a net attack strong,optimistic about the defeat Cornett and Garcia advanced to the second round.
Hu Na: Yes.