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Beijing time on the morning of November 7, 2011, Chinese eight ball fans much attention "Yundu -Joe" Cup 2011 national Chinese Eight Ball Tournament ranked Wuhan qualifying ended.
Second, Meng Jiang hit edge ball number 1 base failed, leaving opportunities for Ma Zhiyu, thenafter Ma Zhiyu came to power, a rod is connected with the Qing Dynasty, will tie 1-1.
Four years ago, ten games, 31 year old Wang Weixin won the men's weight of individuals <a href="">fake Ray Bans for sale</a> and groups of two gold medals.

At this point, the national fencing competitions all over, 12 gold medals belonging specifically: Jiangsu five, Tianjin two, Anhui, Liaoning, Guangdong, Shanghai and the people's Liberation Armywon a gold.
The eighth game, both sides played very stalemate, finally Wu <a href="">cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses</a> Mengmeng in the chaos of hightechnology to raise, take the set, score 4-4.
Yesterday's game, the "dream team" Wang Yan beat Zhao Hui 9-2 victory.

This conference is the biggest change in martial arts boxing match rules. Li Zongfei told reporters:"change the rules of the game is simple, let the audience see."
From the street to the wild Taiwan to high-end club, the world's longest pedestrian street, Chinese eight <a href="">michael kors sale</a> ball step by step to achieve a leap. And every step, let us see the future of this infiniteenergetic movement.
"Crisis" two words may be exaggerated, after last year's World Championships in Shanghai has proved the overall strength of 16177005

"Money worship" of the wind field gave birth to unhealthy practices, such as doping, non sport moral behavior etc.. Ten a fencing before the start of the game, the General Administration of sport from the sword Center issued the "Sixteen rules", vigorously clean competition environment. However, the "money" of the wind over, may at any time a stirring among the dry bones unwholesome tendencies.
Even after losing three games, Li Bo do all one can to catch up.

The evening of November 5th, for the smoke of 2011 "Yundo Jos" Cup National Chinese Eight BallTournament ranked men's qualifying Wuhan division 16 strong had cleared, a billiard festival willopen up a fresh outlook curtain. This time, the Chinese eight ball challenge star studded,Qinhuangdao billiards Promotion Limited company chairman, Mr. Qiao Yuanxu, chairman of Hebeibilliards association and vice chairman of Hubei billiards association Mr. Li Xiaosong to visit.