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My first time here

I need some help with something in a protect I have.
Do you know about a place where i can send something for Gerard or Mikey or Frank or Ray?
Or a club where I can send it.
Please, I need it to do something special

Must make my way back here..

Updating later.. listening to some muzak!! visit my MCR or Gerard pages at

see ya

MCRmy / Killjoys

from an Emo / Goth.. nuh, not really, that's just what some other Aussies call me when I wear my makeup... lol


nb: enjoy a meme I made a while back xoxo

guess i found this

It's actually mental that I've only just found this blog again. Wish I had poster more but I was so emo


Woooaaahhh I haven't posted on here in months. Hi guys! (if any of you remember me lmao)


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(Post from: my tumblr @ghostlyxgerard)