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It's been 4 years and so much has changed, but not the feeling My Chemical Romance gives me...

I have not posted here in four years... What happened? I lost my love for my chem...
I re-purchased all the songs and have been listening to them 24/7. I feel like I am 14 again discovering them for the first time!

Smosh Games

On Friday, Smosh Games (my favorite youtube channel) posted a video where they played Guitar Hero Live, and the first song they played was Na Na Na! If this didn't excite me enough, Joven tweeted today that they would love to do a collaboration with Gerard Way :D I will probably literally cry if they make a video together. Do any of you guys watch Smosh Games?

G <3

Every Snowflake's- LIVES AT HOT TOPIC!

Today me and my friend Brooke were shopping at Hot Topic. When we walked in, Every Snowflake's Different Just like You was playing and the cashier was singing it. When she said 'Every snowflake's different,' I jumped in by saying 'But they all live at Hot Topic.' then I started singing the song and me and her laughed while my friend sat there looking at me like i was insane.

Anyone watch Doctor Who?

Today, I watched last week's episode and then this week's episode, and I am now dead. They are absolutely brilliant! I don't want to give any spoilers, so let me say this - let me be brave.
Ghost xoxo

Swimming in school...

Soo... Tomorrow in PE-class we are going to swim... And let's be honest - I fucking hate it. It gives me the worst anxiety ever and makes me hella self conscious :c
If anyone has got any advice for me I would love to hear it!<3