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W e l c o m e.

As some may know, I am addicted to memes. Lately I have been addicted to lazytown memes and I really cant stop watching them.

Anyway, Ive been thinking about how I lay out my posts and it is honestly quite erratic. Ive Came up with a formula that I will start to follow and hopefully it works out. I just feel like sometimes I get my points and tellings mixed up and only I can understand what I am getting at.


I have another 4 days off of college and I plan to make the most of them and start to watch a lot of tv shows. Are there any you recommend?

3 minutes left of class, 1 hour and 18 minutes left of school

With these short few minutes, I will write as much as I can until I have to go to my next class.
Today has been weird. My brother went back home without telling me. My "friend" needs to watch her attitude with me and my other friend. I'm wearing a dog collar. I did not know the last answer on the test i just took. (Lie. i didnt know any of the answers.)
Gotta go

and an edit option!

I didn't mean anybody here though! :)

erase this, pleeeease!

I feel like SUCH an idiot re-reading some of the things I've written! And I KNOW I'm an idiot, when people ignore certain things or ...

oh man! why can't we have an erase button in real life?!?? :(


Gee, where tha reading festival? Billy was there too. Whatd he do? It wasnt the festibowl was it? He did some stuff :) I wanna go tooooo. And to the park. Dani El and I will be the new interpretive dancers for you band now. Good!