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Run Away With Me...

so that person i have a crush on that i was talking about before...asked me out today ahhh! she's so rad she agreed to fake-date me yesterday to scare off a creepy stalker kid but then we just decided to fuck it so now i have a significant other for the first time (well i have a bf for two days in kindergarten buuut i dont think that counts :P).sadly she had to go back to boarding school a few hours ago and will only have limited wifi for like three weeks, but she always gets on facebook on the weekends and i believe she always has access to her school email?


I love listening to Hesitant Alien so much! I have been listening to the guys's individual albums like Stomachaches and For The Night To Control. I haven't really been listening to MCR's actual albums, and I feel like I'm betraying them because I'm not listening to their music.


Is anyone in here good at giving advice? Please help :'(

Another horrible Monday and weekend catch up

So I went into the blue ridge mountains yesterday... That's all I did over the weekend... Monday so far: people keep bullying my brother so I'm yelling at them... Im in trouble for yelling but oh well


I think this week I'm going to try and be less worried about myself and how I look when I'm around people. I don't know how that's going to work though. I usually get to the point where I become nervous about getting up to get a tissue in the middle of class because I feel that people are looking at me and such. I may also try to talk to more people ?? I don't know. I just have been feeling pretty good ever since I watched a video that said people are probably more worried about stuff they say and stuff they do than they are about you when you're in a conversation with them.